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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Utah

Life is not always easy. It’s no secret that humans turn to different things to help them cope. Drugs and alcohol are among the many substances and bad habits that people use to help them cope with the stressors of life. 

Cocaine is one of those substances that people reach for to help them through a tough time. However, it can hurt them on many levels in the long run. Cocaine, a popular recreational drug, is rising among young people as it provides a short-term, intense high with enhanced energy and self-confidence. Something those who deal with low self-esteem and anxiety desire.

However, cocaine has terrible side effects and is highly addictive. Long-term use can cause severe medical issues and even death. The good news is cocaine addiction is highly treatable, beginning with a  detox. Spirit Mountain Recovery (SMR) cocaine rehab in Utah is the place to start.

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What Exactly Is Cocaine?

Derived from the coca plant, Cocaine is a Schedule ll stimulant drug, meaning it’s extremely addictive. Its most common form is a powder for users to snort, inject, or drink mixed with water.

Cocaine also comes in small white chunks, known as “crack” cocaine. Crack is typically mixed with other substances (such as marijuana or heroin) and smoked in a pipe. 

Regardless of its form or how frequently and how much it’s used, cocaine and crack cocaine are dangerous. It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, seizures, respiratory failure, and sudden death.

Cocaine Treatment in Nature

Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is so addictive because of its stimulant properties. It creates a rush of energy, high levels of focus, and feelings of euphoria. Additionally, cocaine suppresses the appetite and boosts energy. In a busy world where people are always on the go, it’s easy to want more. Hence, a cocaine addiction has begun.

However, intense euphoric feelings from cocaine are fleeting and come at a high cost. The average cocaine high only lasts about 30 minutes, depending on how much is used. 

After cocaine use, the brain’s feel-good chemicals are thrown out of balance, and a crash follows the high. A cocaine crash can last days, causing fatigue, low energy, irritability, confusion, and depression. 

People who use cocaine may not eat or sleep properly. They may experience increased heart rate, muscle spasms, and convulsions. It can make them feel paranoid, angry, hostile, and anxious even when they’re not high.

Unlike some other drugs, cocaine addiction can take hold quickly. Many find themselves trying to combat the cocaine crash with more cocaine. Unfortunately, this creates even more cravings and dependency on the drug.

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Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction has several adverse effects on one’s physical and mental health, such as:

  • •Mood swings
  • •Increased irritability
  • •Insomnia
  • •Restlessness
  • •Sensitivity to light and sound
  • •Loss of appetite


Cocaine addiction can significantly change a person’s behavior, resulting in negative consequences. Some of the behavioral effects of cocaine addiction include.

  • •Problems at work or school, like poor performance, absenteeism, and conflicts with others
  • •Poor hygiene  or sloppy appearance
  • •Risky behavior like reckless driving and unsafe sex
  • •Change of friend group
  • •Sneaky behavior
  • •Financial problems
  • •Loss of interest in social activities or hobbies
  • •Intense cravings and urges to use cocaine
  • •Obsessing about using and obtaining cocaine or recovering from a cocaine crash
  • •Unable to cut back or quit using cocaine on your own

Undoubtedly, when one has reached this point, rehab and cocaine detox are needed to get back on the sober path to health and wellness.

What To Expect From Cocaine Rehab In Utah

When someone can’t stop using cocaine alone, they are likely addicted. Rehab and a detox recovery program are needed to get cocaine out of the system so that the mind and body can function normally. 

Cocaine detox can cause withdrawal symptoms that are too severe to deal with alone, such as:

  • •Restlessness and feeling on edge
  • •Depression and anxiety
  • •Fatigue
  • •Agitation and irritability
  • •Poor concentration
  • •Increase appetite
  • •Lack of motivation
  • •Excessive sleepiness
  • •Intense cravings for cocaine

Cocaine detox takes place under the supervision of a trained medical staff who aims to break the physical habit of using cocaine for long-term recovery.

After a successful detox, a patient moves on to customized therapy under close supervision to ensure that a relapse does not occur. 

Therapy may include a mixture of traditional and alternative methods. Often a dual approach is taken to addressing the addiction and its underlying causes. 

Following therapy, a patient goes to aftercare. Therapy continues with the support and guidance needed to maintain sobriety and return to the real world. 

Additionally, cocaine rehab in Utah provides nutritious meals, outings in nature, and socialization with others. Experimental treatments include paddleboarding, skiing, basketball, paddleball, meditation, yoga, and more. Plus, patients experience valuable alone time in nature for quiet reflection and self-healing.

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Start Your cocaine Rehab Journey In Utah

If you or someone you love is in the thwarts of cocaine addiction, rehab at SMR in Utah has a path that sets us apart. 

We specialize in comprehensive recovery for the mind, body, and spirit. Our center is in scenic and peaceful Eden Valley, Utah, where nature abounds in your recovery process. 

Put your cocaine addiction behind you once and for all. Your life absolutely depends on it. SMR is the place to regain your freedom and renew your life. Contact us today.


What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

This is a One in a Million Treatment & Recovery Center.

They have the best team of staff and doctors on this planet. I am proud to say I am a recovering addict because of their amazing skills and treatment. They have changed my life completely and I could not have done it without them! Thank you for guiding me and paving the path for me to find my true self, and what I am capable of. You are all my family and friends.


Spirit Mountain Has Treated Me Like Family

They have very good staff and therapists. They cater to your experience so you have the best chance of success. They have helped me come to life-changing realizations and I feel confident in my recovery. If you are open-minded and willing then you’ve struck gold here.


Spirit Mountain is Special.

The brotherhood of good men that have come together through addiction and recovery has created a unique approach toward spiritual wellness and care. SMR has core values that are built on service to others and a candid approach to recovery that has a deep and lasting change on the men who desire true change and empower them to overcome the disease of addiction.


A Great Place to Renew Your Path in Life

Spirit Mountain Recovery has been such an amazing place to help those who are struggling with addiction. It’s in a gorgeous area with beautiful views. A great place to renew your path in life, if you’re struggling.


Spirit Mountain Saved My Life.

I was out of options and the men here picked me up and set me on a new path to a life I love today. The food was amazing! The beds were soft! The staff is amazing! It was completely customized to my needs.


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