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Does Cigna Cover Drug Rehab?

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As many as 22 million Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and there are multiple routes one can choose to get the help they need to find and maintain sobriety. If you or a loved one are ready to go to rehab, you have likely noticed there are several options, including different levels of care and various specialized rehab programs. Choosing the right addiction treatment program for you requires considering your unique treatment needs and the rehab setting that will provide the greatest level of comfort during your stay at rehab. Many research studies indicate people are more likely to complete an entire course of rehab if they choose a program where they feel supported, safe, and comfortable actively participating in therapy with their providers and other members of the therapeutic community. 

For some, finding this level of comfort comes with choosing a gender-specific or gender-focused rehab. Different rehab centers address gender-specific treatment needs in unique ways. Some provide treatment programs specifically for a singular gender (men or women only). In contrast, others offer treatment for both men and women, but as part of separate programs within the rehab. It is essential to choose a program that understands the unique treatment needs men and women face as they begin their journey to sobriety. 

Does Cigna Cover Drug Rehab?

Cigna is one of many insurance providers that offer coverage for drug rehab services. Like many insurance companies, Cigna offers several levels of coverage. Because each level of coverage pays out at different levels, your Cigna plan might cover some, or even all, of the cost related to addiction treatment at a Cigna-approved rehab center near you. Cigna plans offer various levels of coverage for vital services, including medically-assisted detox, drug and alcohol addiction therapy, and ongoing care services such as aftercare. Cigna also offers another benefit to its subscribers. In recent years, Cigna developed a specific division within the company to provide comprehensive support and guidance to policyholders struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. This division, called the Cigna Behavioral Health Division, provides a one-stop location to find tools, articles, podcasts, and other forms of support for addicts and their loved ones to learn more about addiction treatment options and the benefits Cigna offers when seeking treatment.

Know What Will Be Covered

What Does Cigna Cover for Rehab?

Cigna offers several levels of coverage, so your specific coverage and benefits for addiction treatment will vary based on your Cigna plan level. For example, while offering a lower monthly premium, bronze Cigna plans require higher out-of-pocket costs and have a higher annual deductible than a platinum plan or other “higher” level of coverage. For some treatment services, Cigna policies require pre-approval before beginning treatment. If you are unsure if your plan level requires pre-qualification, it is important to contact your Cigna plan manager directly or contact our admissions team at Spirit Mountain Recovery to learn more. 

It is also important to consider the level of care (type of treatment) you need and the region or state where you live. Some Cigna plans require you seek treatment at Cigna in-network rehab facilities or Cigna-approved rehab centers. However, this is not the case with all Cigna plans, so it is essential to contact Cigna directly before beginning an addiction treatment program to ensure you understand how your insurance coverage applies to your treatment. It is important to remember that choosing an out-of-network provider will typically increase your out-of-pocket costs regardless of your plan level. 

Cigna insurance policies provide coverage for both inpatient (residential) and outpatient addiction treatment services. At the inpatient level, examples of covered services may include detoxification services, addiction treatment therapy, and partial hospitalization treatment programs. As previously mentioned, your specific coverage details and payment levels will vary based on your plan and your state of residence. In the outpatient treatment environment, your Cigna plan will often cover individual, group, and family therapies, medication management, and intensive outpatient therapy services.

Most Cigna-approved rehab centers offer treatment services for a wide range of needs, including prescription pain medications, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription stimulants (i.e., Adderall), sleep aids, sedatives, marijuana, methamphetamines, and benzodiazepines.

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How Long Does Cigna Pay for Rehab?

Cigna coverage levels and the duration of coverage vary based on your plan. As previously noted, the coverage provided by a bronze plan will inevitably differ from that of a platinum plan. How long Cigna pays for rehab also varies based on the level of care and the type of care provided at the rehab. When you choose a Cigna-approved outpatient care program, you can (usually) expect to receive benefits that cover the duration of a traditional outpatient program. This generally includes therapy sessions between one and two times weekly for months or even years. Treatment programs are usually more strict at an intensive outpatient rehab or than those in the outpatient environment. Therapy programs at an IOP often meet between three and five days each week and last up to three months. Some intensive outpatient programs may last as long as six months, depending on your specific care needs.

Inpatient treatment programs require you to live at the facility throughout rehab. The nature of residential programs allows for a higher, more intensive level of care than is possible through most outpatient programs. As a result, residential programs provide a broader range of services but often at a higher cost. Most inpatient programs last for a minimum of thirty days but can last up to six months again, depending on your specific needs. Depending on the type of program (or level of care), your Cigna policy may cover some or all of your rehab services. Also, some Cigna plans provide benefits designed to cover follow-up treatment or another rehab stay should you experience relapse.

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Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Rehab Takes Cigna

Cigna coverage levels vary from person to person, but each plan offers help paying for vital addiction treatment services. Spirit Mountain Recovery’s rehab is in-network with Cigna, and we are here to help you get started on your treatment journey. Depending on your care level, your Cigna may require a referral from your primary care provider or pre-qualification. Our admissions team can help you determine if your benefit level requires this before treatment begins. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about using your Cigna plan to cover addiction treatment at Spirit Mountain Recovery.


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