Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Treating substance use disorder in a residential setting places the afflicted individual in a comfortable, secure and safe home-setting far away from all the previous dysfunctional stress and chaotic lifestyle. Our Spirit Mountain House treatment residence is a conventional 8 bedroom home. Being treated in-residence allows for a more individualized, expeditious and comprehensive flow of medical oversight, psychological therapies, counseling and personal assistance. A rebirth and the start of a new life that is well grounded, joyous and free.
Our clients are under the constant compassionate attention of our professional staff at all times for a minimum of 30 days and more ideally for a 45 to 90 day period or longer, depending on the circumstances. Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Admissions Counselor will discuss the recommended length of stay with you when you call or write us early on in our process of getting to know your specific treatment needs. We do believe the more intensive and longer the treatment, the better chance of maintaining sobriety for the long term.
The specific cost of treatment programs can vary widely and are usually dependent on a variety of factors. Following are the types of treatment programs available in the marketplace and at Spirit Mountain Recovery and we have listed them from typically the most expensive to the least expensive per month. Residential Treatment. As discussed above this is the most encompassing and time intensive type of treatment available. Therefore, typically, the most expensive alternative in substance use disorder treatment, but often the most expeditious and thorough way to get recovery started. We believe the longer and more consistently treatment is engaged, the better the chances of getting a solid start on a person’s recovery and being able to maintain that sobriety. Spirit Mountain Recovery offers this level of treatment. Partial Hospitalization. The Commission on Accredited Residential Programs (CARF) identifies Partial Hospitalization Programs as time limited, medically supervised programs that offer comprehensive, therapeutically intensive, coordinated, and structured clinical services. A partial hospitalization program consists of a series of structured, face-to-face therapeutic sessions organized at various levels of intensity and frequency. Partial hospitalization programs are typically designed for persons who are experiencing severe symptoms, disturbances in behavior, or other conditions that negatively impact the mental or behavioral health of the person served that are not able to be addressed in a residential or inpatient setting. Spirit Mountain Recovery currently does not offer this alternative. Intensive Outpatient Treatment. The individual resides at their own residence, but attends numerous weekly group counseling sessions to include meeting with their therapist one or more times per week as well. At Spirit Mountain Recovery our Intensive Outpatient Program is similar to what our Residential Inpatient client’s experience, but the program can be adapted so that it better fits with your availability and budget. Spirit Mountain Recovery can also assist in arranging housing for this type of treatment in circumstances where it is requested or deemed appropriate. Spirit Mountain Recovery does offer this unique type of treatment program. Outpatient Treatment. An individual attends group meetings once or twice per week as well as an hour of individual therapy per week. Although not offered specifically, Spirit Mountain Recovery will facilitate making this type of treatment available. Individual Drug Counseling. This involves meeting with a therapist at least once per week or more. An individual and their therapist work out the times they meet as appropriate in the circumstances. Although, not a current form of treatment offered, Spirit Mountain Recovery can assist in locating this type of treatment.
Your family and loved will likely be relieved to know that someone they care deeply about is finally getting the help they need for themselves. That they are safe and secure in that treatment. The family is very important in a person’s recovery. But, our attention is focused first and foremost on the person being treated so that they get a solid start on their recovery. Then, we gradually introduce our clients back into their family dynamic which can be complex and problematic. Therefore, in general, no personal visits are allowed with our clients within the first 2 weeks of their recovery. However, we do respect and are glad to facilitate passing along information relative to a loved ones well-being or in arranging for telephone contact upon approval of the resident.
At Spirit Mountain Recovery, the monthly cost of room and board, transportation, medical, therapeutic, counseling and other holistic treatment regimens will vary depending on each client’s Individualized Treatment Plan. Just one total all-inclusive cost. The cost of our Intensive Outpatient Program is also similarly determined and billed monthly. Direct Pay or Acceptable Medical Insurance are the two principal means of payment for our services. We will work with you to assure that all financial resources that maybe available to you or your loved one are engaged in getting the treatment you need!
Yes. In order to start treatment we have to first get the drugs and alcohol out of a person’s body. Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Medical Staff is prepared to assist with this function in any way necessary. The length of detoxification typically depends on the type, length of time and severity of drugs used or alcohol consumed. We will discuss this matter with you at any time or as a part of our Initial Assessment in your Registration Process.

Every week, each client will receive 1-2 hours of individual therapy and 14 hours of clinical group therapy.

Admission Process Questions

Our Admissions Counselor will serve as your primary contact through your registration process.  They will serve you in whatever capacity you might like in order to make you as comfortable and informed with your decision to engage our program of treatment.  In order to determine the extent of services necessary to help assure that Spirit Mountain Recovery prepares the most effective recovery program for you or your loved one, your Admissions Counselor will typically require the following information during your confidential initial and follow up calls:

  • Basic background information to include a history of usage.
  • All health history details to include any previous treatment.
  • Immediacy of treatment requested and discussion of logistics needed.
  • Any insurance information so we can verify coverage.
  • Discussion of other payment options available.
When the above Initial Assessment process is complete and we have an understanding as to the type of treatment that is required, your Admission Counselor will forward you the necessary Acceptance Forms for your signature. They will also make themselves available to coordinate with any employers, educational institutions, doctors, attorneys or legal entities as you deem necessary. We are here to be of maximum assistance to you in this recovery process. Our goal is to make your admissions process and travel to our residential facility for you or your loved one as understandable and easy as possible!

If you are coming to us by air, we pick you up at the SLC airport. You can also fly directly into Ogden Utah from Burbank on Avelo Airlines or from Mesa, AZ on Allegiant Airlines. If you are driving, we are an hour north of Salt Lake City and 30 minutes east of Ogden, Utah.

YOU! Just as you are and wherever you are! BUT… if you or your loved one is dealing with a true live emergency or possible overdose, then we want you to first call 9-1-1 immediately and arrange for assistance. If we do have some time to plan for your arrival, so much the better. No two individual’s struggling with substance use disorder come to check into our residential treatment facility in quite the same manner. Bottom line – we don’t care where you’re coming from or what you look like, we are ready to help start your recovery process and we will work with you as if you were one of our family members in need of help. Here is what to bring if at all possible, or we will supply what you need: A change of clothes, underwear, socks, sweater. We will provide a jacket, boots or outer clothing as maybe appropriate for the season in Utah. Comfortable casual shoes and a pair of tennis shoes. Here is a list of things you won’t need to pack or bring with you: Any illicit substances or alcohol, or any products with drugs or alcohol in them. Your cell phone or any other electronic products. We can appreciate and will make available what is needed for your comfort. No expensive watches or jewelry. Tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, lotions or shampoo/conditioners. We will provide those in addition to electric razors.
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