The Admission Process

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we’ve made the Admissions process as easy as possible. There are just 3 Steps that we will need to complete before we start your treatment with us.

1. Contact Our General Manager

Call Chris Farni at 844-800-4796 and he will complete an Intake Assessment with you over the phone so that we make note of all the basic data required for us to make a recommendation as to the type of treatment you need – Residential for Men in Eden, Utah; Day or Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Men and Women in Roy, Utah.

Chris will also discuss what insurance benefits you may have and outline any other financial requirements required prior to and during treatment.

We will also help you with setting up an Intervention with your loved one if needed.

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2. Answer Any and All Questions You May Have

Chris will then answer any questions you may have about our drug and alcohol treatment programs to include whether a medically supervised detox will be  required and what treating co-occurring mental health disorders is all about.

Upon your arrival at Spirit Mountain Recovery and after we inprocessed you administratively our professional team will assess you psychiatrically and psychologically. These Assessments are done as the necessary first step in preparing a uniquely Personalized Treatment Plan for you that we will then work together during your stay with us.

The end goal of working your Personalized Treatment Plan with you will be the development of a Recovery Plan that will serve as the key to you being able to sustain your sobriety on a daily basis.

3. Your Treatment Journey Begins!

Our Admissions Team would be glad to help you arrange for your travel to Spirit Mountain Recovery. Whether it is picking you up at the Salt Lake City Airport upon your arrival or guiding you from your hometown to any of our treatment facilities, we are here to help.

So, let’s get started!

Toll free: 844-800-4796

For Day and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Please call for the Weekly Schedule!


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