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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Utah

Today, addiction is widely considered a chronic and relapsing disease of the brain, which requires medical attention and comprehensive therapy. However, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, addiction has been attributed to personal choice, spiritual failings, and hereditary issues. Although personal choice is initially a factor for drinking or using drugs, once brain function changes due to chronic abuse, the choice is no longer an option. 

Experts define addiction as compulsive use of substances despite known harmful consequences. The addicted brain becomes wired to seek out drugs or alcohol regardless of the known negative and potentially dangerous effects of using or drinking. However, much like any other chronic disease, with comprehensive addiction treatment programs at a rehab like Spirit Mountain Recovery, you can return to healthy physical and psychological function, and the symptoms of addiction can be dramatically improved or entirely eliminated. 

Modern, high-quality, comprehensive treatment programs often take a holistic approach to treatment that addresses addictions’ effects on the mind, body, and spirit. These issues may include legal or financial troubles, medical problems, mental illness, and family and relationship problems. Treatment is designed to address all of the needs of an induvial as they progress towards achieving lasting health, wellness, and freedom from addiction. 

Comprehensive, evidence-based therapy is at the core of the best addiction treatment programs. Psychotherapy models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and other traditional therapies teach patients to evaluate their negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. They learn to replace negative with healthier and more effective practices. Treatment is also designed to help people develop new and valuable skills and strategies for coping with triggers such as stress, cravings, and high-risk situations. 

Preparing for Treatment at Spirit Mountain

What to Expect From a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Utah

At our drug addiction treatment center in Utah, you can expect a caring and compassionate environment designed to help you focus on healing and overcoming addiction. Our skilled providers will work with you to develop a treatment plan focused on your specific needs. Because we provide several levels of care at our Utah rehab, we can ensure you have access to intensive, comprehensive care. 

Through comprehensive and individually tailored therapy, patients improve self-esteem and make meaningful lifestyle changes that promote long-term success and recovery. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we know that no single treatment or level of care is suitable for every person seeking sobriety. There are several different paths to recovery, and each person will require different types of therapies, interventions, and services to treat their addiction successfully. 

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Levels of Care at Our Utah Addiction Treatment Program

We offer several levels of care at our Utah addiction treatment program. The best level of care for you and the duration of your treatment program will depend on your specific treatment needs as you begin rehab. 


In many cases, the first step in addiction treatment and recovery is detoxification or detox. Spirit Mountain Recovery works with trusted detox partners to ensure you have the support and guidance you need to manage withdrawal symptoms effectively. The duration of detox and the severity of your withdrawal symptoms will vary based on factors unique to your relationship with substances. For example, how long you used, how often, how much, and the type of substances you used. Your history with addiction treatment and relapse may also affect the detox process. 

Detox takes between three and five days for most people, but symptoms can last two weeks or more for specific substances. Detoxing can lead to a wide range of unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, detox is a vital step on your recovery journey. It allows your body to rid itself of any remaining drugs or alcohol, which reduces cravings and other challenges to achieving sobriety. Once detox is completed, you will enter the residential program at Spirit Mountain Recovery.

Residential Treatment (Inpatient Treatment)

Our residential addiction treatment program provides comprehensive, intensive addiction treatment in a 24-hour care setting. Our highly skilled team of medical and mental health professionals at our residential program offers daily support and guidance. Inpatient programs provide a higher level of care intensity than is possible at an outpatient program. Inpatient programs require participants to stay on-site at our Utah addiction treatment center throughout treatment. 

Seeking help from Spirit Mountain Recovery allows you to temporarily escape from the day-to-day factors that may trigger or influence your ongoing addiction. Many alumni of inpatient treatment programs find that the inpatient environment is beneficial to their recovery. It removes access to triggers and other issues that lead a person to reach for substances such as drugs or alcohol to cope. 

The inpatient treatment experience at Spirit Mountain Recovery offers comprehensive addiction treatment and living experience, including luxury amenities, gourmet meals, traditional and alternative therapies, and a highly trained team of addiction treatment providers, medical providers, nutritional experts, and support services staff who share the same goal of ensuring your safe and healthy recovery from addiction. 

Day Treatment Programs (Partial Hospitalization Programs, PHPs)

Day treatment programs, also called partial hospitalization programs or PHPs, provide the opportunity to receive intensive addiction therapy without staying overnight at a rehab. Our day treatment programs offer addiction therapy options similar to those offered as part of our inpatient residential programs. Some of the most common evidence-based therapies we use include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). 

Both of these therapy models are used to help someone struggling with addiction a safe space to discover and examine the negative thought patterns that lead to addictive behaviors while learning healthy ways to regulate emotion and develop new coping strategies to manage triggers. Like our inpatient treatment programs, our day treatment programs provide individual, group, and family counseling along with alternative therapy options like music therapy, experiential therapies, equine therapy, or yoga. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Intensive outpatient programs differ from inpatient treatment in that outpatient programs allow you to remain at home throughout the course of your treatment. While residential addiction treatment requires you to stay on-site at the facility throughout your treatment program, intensive outpatient programs provide the same level of addiction treatment services without the “on-site” requirement. IOPs are similar to day treatment programs because they do not require an overnight stay; however, they are less intensive than a day program and require fewer weekly therapy hours.

Intensive outpatient programs are often an excellent transitional step for those who’ve completed an inpatient residential program or day program but are not ready yet to integrate back into their home environment without continued support. Intensive outpatient programs are also an excellent primary treatment option for those diagnosed with a “mild” addiction, minimal co-occurring mental health concerns, and who have a strong support structure outside the treatment environment). 

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Frequency – 3-5x per week

All Genders
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Psychiatrist to assess Co-occurring Disorders.

Equine therapy is known for its healing properties.

Experience nature to the fullest

Mindfulness-based recovery regimen

Proprietary recovery regimen 

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Get Help From the Best Addiction Treatment Center in Utah

The journey towards lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is typically indirect and not without challenges. More often than not, the early days of sobriety include challenges and setbacks on the path to recovery. It is vital to remember that success, progress, and improved health and wellness come with these challenges as you begin living a life free from drugs or alcohol. 

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we understand that taking the first steps towards sobriety may be one of the most challenging decisions. Acknowledging an unhealthy relationship with substances and taking steps to start rehab is crucial to returning to a state of physical, psychological, and spiritual health. 

Our caring and compassionate treatment team members at our addiction treatment centers in Utah will work with you to design a treatment program specifically around your unique treatment needs and goals. Our highly skilled staff is experienced in providing therapies of all kinds ranging from traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to alternative and modern therapies, including art and music therapy, yoga, mindfulness practices, and many others.

If you or a loved one are ready to put addiction struggles in the past and begin healing, it is important to get help from Utah’s best addiction treatment center. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about all of the levels of care and treatment services we offer at our men’s rehabs in Utah.

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