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Men often face unique challenges when struggling with addiction, such as societal pressures to appear strong and self-reliant, which can make it harder to seek help. Subsequently, these struggles can lead to feelings of isolation and hopelessness, making the need for compassionate, long-term addiction recovery even more critical.

Reaching out for rehab is a brave and crucial step for men struggling with addiction. It’s essential to recognize that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it can be the key to reclaiming a healthy and fulfilling life.

At Spirit Mountain, our long-term rehab in Utah through our extended care program focuses on peer support, experiential therapies, and relapse prevention care. Within 9 months, we teach life skills and healthy coping mechanisms that help lead men back to society and sobriety. 

Detox Program in Utah

Men and Addiction

Men and addiction often intersect in complex and challenging ways, leading to significant impacts on their lives and that of their loved ones. Addiction in men is not uncommon, and no man is alone in their quest to become sober. In fact, according to the NIDA, in most age groups, men have a higher rate of dependency on drugs and alcohol. 

Societal expectations and pressures can make it difficult for men to acknowledge their struggles and seek help. For example, a man struggling with opioid addiction might feel immense pressure to maintain the appearance of being in control. He may fear being perceived as weak or incapable if he admits he needs help.

Recognizing these unique challenges, men’s long-term rehab and extended care addiction treatment programs provide specialized support tailored to address the specific needs of men on their journey to recovery.

Addiction affects men differently in several key areas:

  • Emotional Suppression: Men may be more likely to suppress emotions due to societal norms, leading to increased substance use as a coping mechanism.
  • Aggression and Violence: Addiction can exacerbate tendencies toward aggression and violent behavior, further complicating relationships and social interactions.
  • Mental Health: Co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are often underdiagnosed and undertreated in men, hindering effective recovery.
  • Social Isolation: The stigma surrounding addiction can lead to greater social isolation, making it harder for men to seek and receive support.
  • Occupational Impact: Addiction can significantly affect job performance and stability, with men often feeling additional pressure as primary breadwinners.

Understanding these differences is crucial in providing effective support and treatment. Men’s long-term rehab and extended care addiction treatment programs address these unique challenges, offering a comprehensive and empathetic approach to recovery. 

By focusing on the specific needs of men, these programs help individuals build healthier coping strategies, improve emotional regulation, and foster stronger social connections. With the proper support and resources, men can overcome addiction and reclaim their lives, leading to a future filled with hope and resilience.

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What to Expect From Long-term Rehab in Utah

Spirit Mountain’s long-term rehab in Utah through the extended care program offers a comprehensive and supportive environment for men seeking lasting recovery from addiction. 

The Extended Care Program provides the necessary medical and psychological support for treating all types of addictions. Additionally, individuals begin to rebuild their lives and develop essential life skills.  

Participants in the extended care addiction treatment program can expect the following during their 9-month stay: 

  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Tailored plans that address each person’s needs and challenges.
  • Therapeutic Support: Access to one-on-one and group therapy sessions led by licensed therapists.
  • Holistic Approaches: Incorporation of holistic practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and physical fitness to support overall well-being.
  • Life Skills Training: Practical workshops and activities to help develop essential life skills for a successful, sober life.
  • Medication Management: The safe and effective use of medications to support recovery and maintain overall health during addiction treatment.
  • Peer Support: Building a solid support network with participants with similar experiences.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Spiritual growth and reflection opportunities, integrating faith-based principles into recovery.
  • Aftercare Planning: Comprehensive aftercare plans to ensure continued support and prevent relapse after the program.

As a bonus, Spirit Mountain’s extended care rehab some of Utah’s most tranquil and scenic surroundings.  Hence, expect a nurturing space where men can focus on healing with the guidance of compassionate, experienced professionals. The Spirit Mountain experience brings men in our long-term rehab program much-needed peace to the mind, body, and soul.

The Benefits of Extended Care Treatment

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An addiction treatment extended care program offers numerous personal benefits, particularly for men looking to rebuild their lives and relationships. Beyond the clinical aspects of recovery, these programs provide the time and space needed to repair relationships with loved ones and reestablish trust. 

Men often find that extended care allows them to reconnect with family members, spending quality time that strengthens bonds and fosters emotional healing. This supportive environment encourages personal growth and helps individuals to rediscover a sense of purpose and connection.

Personal benefits of an addiction treatment extended care program include:

  • Relationship Healing: Opportunities for family therapy and support to mend and strengthen relationships affected by addiction.
  • Quality Family Time: Structured programs that facilitate spending meaningful time with loved ones, fostering deeper connections.
  • Emotional Growth: A focus on emotional healing and development, helping men to understand and better express their feelings.
  • Supportive Community: Building a network of peers who offer mutual support and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Self-Discovery: Time and guidance to explore personal interests and passions, leading to a more fulfilling life.
  • Restored Trust: Programs that help rebuild trust with family and friends through consistent, positive behavior and communication.

Extended care programs offer a holistic approach to recovery that emphasizes the importance of personal connections and emotional well-being. By fostering a supportive environment, these programs enable men to heal and grow, paving the way for a healthier, more connected future.

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This is a One in a Million Treatment & Recovery Center.

They have the best team of staff and doctors on this planet. I am proud to say I am a recovering addict because of their amazing skills and treatment. They have changed my life completely and I could not have done it without them! Thank you for guiding me and paving the path for me to find my true self, and what I am capable of. You are all my family and friends.


Spirit Mountain Has Treated Me Like Family

They have very good staff and therapists. They cater to your experience so you have the best chance of success. They have helped me come to life-changing realizations and I feel confident in my recovery. If you are open-minded and willing then you’ve struck gold here.


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The brotherhood of good men that have come together through addiction and recovery has created a unique approach toward spiritual wellness and care. SMR has core values that are built on service to others and a candid approach to recovery that has a deep and lasting change on the men who desire true change and empower them to overcome the disease of addiction.


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Spirit Mountain Recovery has been such an amazing place to help those who are struggling with addiction. It’s in a gorgeous area with beautiful views. A great place to renew your path in life, if you’re struggling.


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I was out of options and the men here picked me up and set me on a new path to a life I love today. The food was amazing! The beds were soft! The staff is amazing! It was completely customized to my needs.


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