Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

A New Approach to Inpatient Treatment

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we know that searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehabilitation programs can result in a lot of confusion as to which type of drug addiction and mental health treatment program to select and where you should send your loved one to enhance the chances of their recovery.  There are many different choices.  But, the best choice for your loved one will be a place where they get a high degree of daily personal interaction with the professional staff and are treated with state-of-the-art treatment modalities that will help assure a solid recovery.  Spirit Mountain believes in getting your loved ones away from the geographical areas in which their addictions have occurred and up to the clean fresh air in the mountains in Utah.

Mental Health and Behavior Counseling

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we believe that mental health and behavior modification counseling are the key to success in treating drug addiction and substance abuse.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has quoted relapse rates as high as 60% for individuals having been treated for their drug and alcohol addictions. Spirit Mountain Recovery believes that this disappointing rate of success is due in part to two principal factors. First, an insufficient time that individuals have been able to commit to the treatment process and secondly, a non-existent or inadequate assessment and treatment of the underlying co-occurring mental health issues that most often accompany an individual’s addiction.

Unique to Spirit Mountain is its use of a dual diagnosis approach to treatment which identifies any underlying mental health issues conditions contributing to an individual’s addiction and simultaneously treats them with effective evidence-based therapies along with treating the addiction. Thus, more a complete recovery.

Addiction Treatment From Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Mental Health Counselors

Spirit Mountain’s unprecedented medical counseling with its Physician, Psychiatrist and its clinical PhD, Psychologist, no less than 5 times per week, is a unique feature of its drug addiction treatment program. It ensures that your loved one is going to get the very highest level of drug, alcohol and mental health treatment possible. No insufficiently credentialed professionals or diluted down group discussions that lead to inadequate treatment. If drug and alcohol addictions are potentially life-threatening afflictions, then they should be taken seriously and treated with the very best treatment professionals possible. Unique Experiential and holistic treatment regimens supplement this high level of medical and clinical care.

Our Inpatient Treatment Assists in Recovery

Upon admittance a very well delineated medical and clinical assessment is made of each individual participating in Spirit Mountain Recovery inpatient treatment program. Performed in the private, quiet, reflective and serene surroundings of a mountain valley, the result is a uniquely personalized treatment plan that comprehensively treats not only an individual’s addiction, but the underlying mental health issues often triggering their addiction. This Individualized Treatment Plan is then adjusted as needed based on the individual’s progress as they work their recovery. The result is a highly customized treatment program sparing no expense that will help assure that an individual will be successful in their recovery.

Written by, Chris Farni – General Manager Spirit Mountain Recovery

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