When it comes to finding an addiction rehab center for your loved one, the right choice can make all the difference. Finding success is hugely dependent on your son or husband feeling comfortable, supported and engaged.

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, it is our goal to offer a remarkable program that encourages our clients to reorient their focus on all the amazing things life has to offer outside of addiction. Part of what makes our program so unique and effective is our location in the Utah mountains.

How Our Location Sets Up Your Loved One for Success in Recovery

When exploring rehab facilities for your loved one, it’s easy to downplay the importance of what is offered in terms of location. But, Spirit Mountain Recovery is a remarkable place to recover.

Not only do we take a non-conventional approach to addiction recovery, but we also are in a unique location that very few rehab centers are able to offer.

Nestled in a beautiful valley on the west coast, on the side of the Utah mountains, we can confidently say there are very few views more beautiful than the ones outside our windows. Spirit Mountain Recovery is secluded, quiet, serene and positively uplifting for those trying to recovery from addiction.

Let’s dive deeper into why our location is so important for your loved one’s recovery.

1. Your Loved One Will Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

We know you’re frustrated and worried about your loved one, and have watched them lose sight of what it’s like to live a healthy life without drugs or alcohol. Being in the mountains will help him remember that because of all the physical activity he’ll be exposed to.

Besides traditional treatment like therapy, your loved one will take part in hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, cardio and other outdoor activities that will strengthen his body and mind and get him back to a passionate, fulfilling life without addiction.

2. It Gets Your Loved One Away from His Everyday Life

There are so many triggers that can be influencing your son or husband’s addiction. They may be struggling with a traumatic event or other mental health issue, or they may have friends who encourage their drug or alcohol use.

Since our location is in the mountains, 60 miles outside Salt Lake City, your loved one is able to get away from his everyday life. This calming and quiet environment will help him focus solely on recovering from addiction and any co-occurring disorders. 

3. Our Location in the Mountains is Secluded and Confidential

Your loved one may be worried about running into someone he knows in treatment. Because we’re in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you and your loved one can be assured of privacy and confidentiality.

Being in the mountains provides an entirely new level of serenity and safety your loved one may not have ever experienced before. Our cozy home-like environment and security measures like chauffeured rides to appointments are meant to help your loved one feel safe and secure in our treatment program.

Our Experiential and Non-Conventional Approach to Treatment

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we believe in three things: adequate rest, good nutrition and exercise. Our location lends itself to all three of these aspects. By shifting your loved one’s focus to experiential activities and exercise, we can help him reorient his life goals in a truly remarkable way.

With access to Wolf Creek Resort, your loved one will explore the healing power of exercise through yoga, tai chi, swimming, golf, running, biking, weightlifting and more. By engaging in exhilarating activities such as paddle boarding, hiking and dirt biking, it becomes easier to find joy and fulfillment in life that may have been otherwise lost to addiction.

it is our belief that alcohol and drug addictions are disorders of the mind, body and spirit. We believe in providing guidance and support in a non-judgmental atmosphere that goes beyond traditional 12-step programs to target addiction in a uniquely individualized way.

At our Utah treatment center, we stabilize, educate and focus on a sustainable recovery plan that works for each one of our clients.

Experience the Difference at Spirit Mountain Recovery Center

Spirit Mountain Recovery is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah. We offer remarkable treatment programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We encourage you and your loved one to tour our facilities and see the potential of our unique location. There is hope and life outside of addiction. Contact us today to speak to an admissions counselor and find out if we are a good fit for your loved one.

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