Fast Facts: The Risks of Mixing Xanax and Cocaine

The Risks of Mixing Xanax and Cocaine

When it comes to drug abuse, it’s not uncommon for someone to try several kinds of drugs, sometimes simultaneously. As a loved one trying to understand your husband, father or son’s addiction, it can be difficult to understand why he’s abusing drugs. It can be even harder to fully grasp how his drugs of choice interact with each other and affect him.

Understanding Cocaine and Xanax Addiction

Cocaine and Xanax are two completely different drugs, but widely abused together. When it comes to understanding these drugs, there are some key differentiators that are helpful to know:

  • Cocaine is an illicit drug that often acts as a stimulant, while Xanax is a prescription medication that is often used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.
  • Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that is used to increase energy, focus, happiness and excitement levels. While these can be enjoyable for the user, more negative effects are going on behind the scenes. Cocaine increases body temperature and blood pressure and triggers a fast heart rate and rapid breathing.
  • Xanax is a prescription medication designed to temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. It can also be used to relieve muscle tension and tremors. Other side effects include slowed heart rate and breathing, low blood pressure and decreased body temperature. Xanax is typically prescribed in a standard tablet or liquid pill form.

5 Facts About Mixing Xanax and Cocaine

When taken separately, both cocaine and Xanax are physically and psychologically addictive. But when taken together, the odds of becoming addicted increase significantly.

Below are some other important facts you need to know about combining Xanax and cocaine:

  1. Because of the stark differences between the two drugs, mixing Xanax and cocaine can increase the risk of dependency and, in some cases, create deadly and dangerous side effects, including overdose.
  2. The side effects of mixing Xanax and cocaine include decreased willpower, mood swings, shortness of breath, cravings and more. The combination can also cause a toxic buildup of drugs in the body and increase the risk of overdose.
  3. Despite the growing epidemic of opioids in the US, cocaine and Xanax are often considered the most deadly drugs in the country.
  4. Xanax, when taken alone or in combination with cocaine, has been proven to increase depressive symptoms. This is especially dangerous when your loved one is coming down from a high.
  5. When it comes to drug addiction, the effects of taking cocaine and Xanax together are worse than any other co-occurring medical or mental disorders.

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