Recovering from drug addiction is not a singular major event. In reality, recovery is a process that comprises several important steps. Medical detoxification is the first and perhaps most important step in long-term recovery. While medical drug detox is essential for a meaningful recovery, you may have heard horror stories about the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. While your anxiety about medical treated drug detox is understandable, it is essential for a successful recovery.

In your search for drug treatment, you must find a rehab that features quality medical detox services. Spirit Mountain Recovery is one of Utah’s top-tier drug treatment centers. We offer men’s detox services that allows you to safely navigate the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal. Begin your recovery journey today and call Spirit Mountain Recovery to learn more about our men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Utah.

What is Medical Drug Detox?

Medical drug detox programs are interventions that help newly recovering addicts better tolerate the withdrawal symptoms experienced when they quit using substances. When an addict abruptly stops using drugs, the brain will “short circuit.” As a response, both the body and brain will experience a variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that are often painful and uncomfortable to endure.

Medically treated drug detox programs allow patients to gradually withdraw from substances in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. While in detox, experienced medical staff will constantly monitor the patient’s overall health and mental well-being. Interventions used during the detox process include the use of medications, nutrition therapy, exercise therapy, and even individual therapies such as CBT.

What Does the Drug Detox Process Entail?

Much like recovery itself, medical drug detox is a process. Depending on the type of substance or substances used, the quantity taken, the period taken, and the presence of underlying medical issues, this process can take 10-14 days on average. Medically treated drug detox occurs in three distinct steps:


The first step in the detox process is the evaluation process. During this initial step, staff will perform comprehensive testing of your bloodstream for substances that are being abused, measuring the concentration of these substances, and perform a thorough screening for any co-occurring mental and physical conditions that may hinder your recovery process. From this thorough medical and mental health evaluation, treatment staff will create a personalized treatment plan suited for your unique needs.


The second step in the drug detox process is the stabilization phase. During this second step, treatment staff utilizes medications that help you better tolerate withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms associated with the withdrawal process include:

Medications that are used in drug detox include:

As stated earlier, other interventions, such as nutrition and exercise therapy, can be used. The goal of stabilization is to get you to a mentally and physically stable state so you can get prepared for formal treatment.

Entry into Treatment

The final phase of drug detox is entry into treatment. Staff will prepare you to enter intensive drug treatment. Staff will advise you on the importance of being motivated and following through with all phases of substance abuse treatment and care—including any aftercare programming recommended and set up by staff.

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Medical drug detox is critical to your physical and mental health, and it sets the stage for a successful long-term recovery. Spirit Mountain Recovery is a 5-star treatment facility featuring medically treated drug detox programs that are second to none. Our men’s drug detox center in Utah is safe and comfortable, and our experienced medical staff will ensure that the withdrawal process is as pain-free and tolerable as possible. Call Spirit Mountain Recovery today and begin your recovery with our addiction treatment programs in Utah.

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