Addiction is a progressive disease that affects people from all walks of life. No one is immune to the ravages of substance abuse, and its effects take a severe toll on the user and those whom they love. While addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives, there are segments of the population that may be more vulnerable to addiction. Of all segments of the population, a common question asked is are men more prone to addiction?

We will discuss the role gender plays in addiction and if men are more prone to substance abuse. Male addiction is a serious health issue, and it requires professional intervention. If you are a man struggling with drug addiction, Spirit Mountain Recovery can help. Our Utah evidence-based treatment programs are designed for the unique needs of men. Call us right now to learn more about our male addiction programs.

How Does Gender Play A Role in Addiction?

Men and women are unique in the ways they become addicted to substances. A study published in the Journal for Neuroscience Research breaks down these differences:

Men start taking drugs and alcohol in order to feel like they belong to a group. Men engage in more risk-taking behaviors and are more gradual in their escalation of substance abuse. Addictive behavior is achieved through lower doses of substances, and will experience more significant symptoms of withdrawal.

Women start taking drugs and alcohol for the pleasurable effects and are more likely to self-medicate. The escalation towards addiction is quicker, and women take higher doses of substances. Withdrawal symptoms cause more significant stress.

Traditionally, men are more likely than women to drink alcohol and use illicit drugs, while women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs. While gender definitely plays a role in addiction, factors such as genetics, environment, and co-occurring mental illnesses also must be considered.

Are Men More Prone to Addiction and Substance Abuse?

Are men more prone to addiction?

Obviously, many factors can make men more prone to addiction. However, how masculinity is expressed can increase men’s vulnerability to developing substance abuse issues. The following are the ways male addiction can blossom:

Tolerant Attitudes

Men are generally vulnerable to addiction because of the tolerant attitudes many have regarding substance use. For many men, using drugs and alcohol is seen as a rite of passage and as being “manly”.

The Concept of Toxic Masculinity

Another factor increasing the risk of male addiction is toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity can be defined as one’s narrow and repressive description of manhood itself. This includes the thought that “manly” traits such as status, aggression, and sex are desirable, and emotional vulnerability is seen as weak. Men who adopt toxic views are masculinity are more inclined to use drugs and alcohol to show toughness and manliness.

Social Networks

Men are more prone to addiction than women because men generally have weaker social ties to others. In general, male friendships center on shared interests and not on opening up about their feelings and fears. If men are unable to convey their emotions in close friendships, they are more likely to turn to substances.

Reluctant to Ask For Help

Men are prone to developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol because they are reluctant to seek help. Men tend to take on problems themselves and try to solve issues. If they are struggling with addiction, they may be under heavy denial and only seek help when a crisis situation pushes them toward treatment.

How to Find a Men’s Inpatient Drug Rehab in Eden

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, finding professional help is critical. However, not all treatment facilities are created equal. To have the best chance of long-term recovery, you must find a rehab that features evidence-based treatment programs, experienced treatment staff, and personalized programs. Spirit Mountain Recovery is a premier men’s inpatient drug rehab facility that will help you break the vicious cycle of addiction for good.

Located in Eden, Spirit Mountain Recovery features multiple levels of care as well as a dynamic fusion of traditional and experiential therapies. Our expert treatment staff will work with you in developing a treatment plan perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs. Call us toll-free today and kick addiction to the curb.

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