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We've Been in Your Shoes.

Our Team

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s esteemed medical, psychiatric, clinical, and extremely knowledgeable Recovered Peer Support Staff, deliver an extraordinarily high level of personalized care to every client. No better guide than a someone who has been in the throes of a life-threatening condition like substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues and have found the keys to sustained long-term recovery. An industry leading Client to Professional Staff Ratio of 2:1 makes sure that our clients get all the personal attention they deserve and need.

recovery staff in Utah
Holistic treatment activities during Spirit Mountain rehab programs.

Treatment That works for you.

Our Programs

We offer Residential, Day Treatment, Outpatient, and Family programs for addiction treatment. Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Integrated Treatment Programs feature a unique combination of evidence-based clinical treatment, psychoeducation, nature-based experiential activities and family therapy.

We've Been in Your Shoes.

What Makes Us Different

Our clients are shown an extraordinary amount of non-judgmental, compassionate and loving care. When you enter our program you are not just another number to get lost in a sea of clients. Here you get the individual attention required to formulate your own personal path to long-term, sustainable recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders,

Spirit Mountain facilities and outside view.
Spirit Mountain Recovery Center during the winter

An Experience in Addiction Treatment

World-Class Location

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s inpatient program for men is located in Eden, Utah. Situated at the edge of the wilderness, Spirit Mountain Recovery makes full use of the recuperative powers of nature. Like breathing fresh mountain valley air while gazing upon the majestic 9,500 foot mountains, gently flowing rivers, and prairie grasses that surround our inpatient treatment residence. Our clients frequently say that they feel more at home and comfortable with the recovery process at Spirit Mountain than at other treatment centers.

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