There are many reasons a person might be reluctant to go into rehab. Cost plays a significant role. If you are unable to afford rehab, you may be able to use insurance to pay part of your bill. There are many insurance plans that can be applied to recovery expenses, and Veteran Tricare Rehab Coverage may be the best option for you. Read on to find out more about what the plan involves.

What is TRICARE Veterans Insurance? 

TRICARE insurance covers therapy that is meant to improve, restore, maintain, or prevent deterioration of function. The treatment must be medically necessary to be eligible. 

It also must be:

The plan is provided to veterans and their spouses and beneficiaries only. To qualify, you must be:

Benefits and plans will vary depending on your beneficiary category.

Does TRICARE Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment? 

Yes, TRICARE rehab coverage is available. The company offers coverage for most substance abuse treatments, including inpatient, outpatient, and detox. 

Here are some types of treatment that may be covered. 

If you are searching for inpatient rehab in Utah, contact Spirit Mountain Recovery Center today! Call us at 801-366-0658 to learn more about our Utah men’s rehab treatment.

How to Verify Veteran TRICARE Insurance Coverage Policy for Rehab

TRICARE rehab coverage is not available to everyone, and it may not cover all facilities. It’s also possible that your TRICARE plan does not cover rehab. 

Most facility websites will let you know what coverage they accept, but you can call to find out if this information is not readily available. If you are eligible for coverage on the plan or already have the plan, contact your agent to make sure it includes rehab. 

You can get proof of TRICARE coverage via an eligibility letter that you can access through their website. You can also make an online or written request for proof of coverage. 

How to Find a Veteran TRICARE Rehab Center? 

Most rehab centers will let you know what type of insurance they take on their website. If this information is not available online, you can call the facility for further assistance. TRICARE may also provide you with a list of the facilities they work with. 

Just because your insurance offers coverage for a facility, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. But if you contact Spirit Mountain, you will find we check off all the boxes. 

Spirit Mountain is a five-star all men’s facility surrounded by the tranquil Wasatch Mountains of Salt Lake City. We combine traditional therapies, like dual diagnosis, with experiential and alternative methods like yoga and breathing techniques. We offer inpatient and outpatient options. 

Rehab isn’t cheap, but TRICARE rehab coverage may provide you with the assistance you need. Contact Spirit Mountain to find out about the comprehensive care we offer and the plans we accept. We look forward to getting you on a path to happier and healthier living.

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