What are the Different Types of Addiction Support Groups?

If you are recovering from addiction, you need all the support you can get. Not everyone has the support they need in their lives, and some individuals may have to go outside their family and friends for additional help. This article will discuss the different types of support groups so you can find out how you can get the backing you need during this pivotal time of your life.

What are Recovery Support Groups?

Recovery support groups are any type of group outside the medical community that supports you during your recovery process. They typically come in the form of an organized group, but they can include anyone in your local community willing to give a hand.

Why are Recovery Support Groups Important? 

When you are trying to get sober, it’s hard to go it alone. With no one to hold you accountable, it’s easy to go back to your old ways. 

But more than accountability, people in a support group can be there for you when you feel like you have nothing left but drugs and alcohol. They can keep you from feeling depressed and anxious. They can help you find healthy ways to deal with your emotions, so you don’t have to start using again. 

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What are the Different Types of Addiction Support Groups?

There are three main types of support groups as follows. 

Twelve Step

Twelve-step groups are based on the theory that there are 12 steps involved in the recovery process. They teach you to trust in a higher power than yourself to find the strength you need. They stress repentance and accountability. 

There are various types of twelve-step groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and the list goes on. They are free to attend, and they are held in various cities around the U.S. With a bit of internet research, you will easily be able to find ones close to you. 

Secular Twelve Step

Some people don’t go for the traditional twelve-step model because they don’t like the religious aspect. If this is the case, you may go for a group that has a similar structure but does not bring religion into recovery. Popular groups that offer this type of service include SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, and Life Ring


Some types of support groups take it in the other direction with a strong emphasis on religion. The national organization more closely monitors them as compared to other support groups. There are groups available for various religions. Examples include Celebrate Recovery, Jewish Alcoholics, Millati Islami, and more. 

Friends and Family

Friends and family may not be part of an organized group, but they can play a big role in your recovery process. They can provide you with the emotional support you need during this difficult time. They may also be brought into therapy so you can all work with a mental health professional to discuss ongoing care and management. 

How to Find an Addiction Support Group That Fits Your Needs

Most 12-step groups can be found with an online search. There are also recovery facilities that include 12-step support groups in the services they offer. They will start with detox and bring support groups into the therapy and aftercare process. 

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We take a customized approach integrating a variety of therapies that work best for our patients. We offer both inpatient and outpatient care in Utah. We mix traditional and alternative treatments with a dual diagnosis method that simultaneously treats addiction and its underlying causes. 

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. 

Contact Spirit Mountain to find out how our therapies and support groups can get you on the right path. We will help you move on to a happier, healthier way of living.

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