Matthew Lovitt, Master Nutrition Therapist, is back for more! Last month he shared with us the complicated relationship between sugar and sobriety. This month he is here to discuss the perfect diet for recovery and life! 

We’ve all been there, searching for something, anything to help us change the way we look, feel, and, perhaps, relate to the world. Before sobriety, we may sought comfort in drugs. Now that we are clean, we may turn to food. And, although food may provide some relief from the everyday distractions of life, it is often only temporary and may further complicate the recovery process.

There is a solution!

Finding the perfect diet to fully nourish our unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can help us overcome the tumult of recovery and enhance our quality of life.

No Such Thing as Perfect

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all, “perfect” diet. We are all unique in our dietary needs and the foods that work best for some may not work well for others. Nature and nurture impart a specific set of features that make us distinct and shape our physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. And, although there are many diets out there that are promoted as “best”, the real perfect diet is unique to an individual’s current health status, goals, belief systems, and means.

And, let’s not forget taste preference. Most of us have grown accustomed to specific tastes, flavors, and textures. It may be the product of our upbringing, culture, environment, or any combination of the above, but preferences can have a huge influence on our dietary decision-making.

Most importantly, the majority of us are addicts or alcoholics in recovery, which means we must also consider the ill effects that chronic, excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol may have had on our body and brain.

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