Complicating any discussion of the role that Recovery of Spirit plays in helping someone to heal from a Substance Use Disorder is that there is no single, widely agreed-upon definition of spirituality. The concept of spirit and spirituality have evolved over the years, but what it means to heal spiritually is extremely relevant in recovery. Also complicating matters is that most people do not see a difference between spirituality and religion. We see no utility in arguing this point.

Even though the words spirituality and religion can be highly contentious concepts they should not be an impediment to helping those suffering with a life-threatening substance addiction. Most important is what these two concepts mean to those struggling with severe drug and alcohol addictions.

What we have learned in treating those most chronically addicted to substances for the past 7 years, the severely addicted, is that they were not able to sustain any type of long-term sobriety unless they had experienced a dramatic and permanent shift in the state of their consciousness. What is typically referred to as having been awakened spiritually.

Where they have transcended from their past self-absorbed sense of themselves, their toxic ego, to a deeper more consciously aware presence where they are able to access a new powerful life force that assists them in making healthier life choices. A new state of being.  .

Learning to just accept the present moment (not your life situation) for what it is without labeling or judging your thoughts and feelings lessens negativity and mindless reactivity. By being fully present in the moment, you become more aware of the right action to take, or just let the emotion or the moment pass.

From our experience as health care providers spiritual awakenings are the result of either having worked through the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous or having embraced a Mindfulness-Based Program of Recovery, like Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Awakens Program. Whichever program works.

Again, for those who put into practice either of the above two spiritually-oriented recovery regimens, they have discovered an awesome power from within themselves they now engage when the challenges of life occur. It is in this new, calm, still, peaceful state-of-being where healthier life choices are made like abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol which have caused them and their loved ones so much suffering.

The Spirit Mountain Awakens Program™

Spirit Mountain Awakens™ is a proprietary set of Mindfulness-Based Spiritual Recovery Regimens which have evolved from the treatment of Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders of adult men at Spirit Mountain Recovery over the past 7 years. A significant amount of this treatment having been done outside in a nature from an 8-bed residence located on the side of a mountain in the beautiful Ogden Valley of Northern Utah.

The goal of the Spirit Mountain Awakens™ is to focus a client’s attention on being consciously aware of their senses, emotions, and thoughts, without interpretation or judgment. Where they learn to access a new state-of-being by directing their consciousness to the present moment, the now. Where life is living each and every moment.

It is in this enlightened state-of-being, that clients will be able to transcend from the spiritually unconscious behavior of their past drug use to being rooted in a new state of conscious presence. From having been solely identified with their past toxic ego, to having discovered a new, deeper, formless, more powerful, more consciously aware sense of themselves.

Where their ability to make new healthy life choices, like their core choice of abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol, will have been greatly enhanced. Where they will experience a new peace-of-mind and clarity in their lives previously thought impossible.

 Let Spirit Mountain Recovery and its Spirit Mountain Awakens Program help you to transcend life’s challenges faced during drug and alcohol addiction in a positive and constructive way. Visit our website at for more details. Or, Call Us at 801-336-0658.

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