Addiction is a complex and chronic disease that significantly impacts the lives of men and those they love. While addiction is a devastating condition, many of the symptoms fly under the radar and often aren’t noticed until it’s too late. Indeed, the signs of addiction in men can be tough to pinpoint, but early detection of addiction signs in men greatly improves their chances of recovery. This article will cover the substances men most commonly abuse, the signs of addiction in men, and how a men’s only rehab facility such as Spirit Mountain Recovery helps them find long-term recovery.

What Drugs Do Men Most Commonly Abuse?

In our discussion of the signs of addiction in men, it is essential to discuss male addiction rates. In general, men are more likely than women to use almost all types of illicit drugs. It is estimated that  11.5% of boys and men over 12 have a substance use disorder compared to 6.4% of girls and women over 12 years of age. Additionally, it is estimated that two-thirds of opioid overdose deaths in the United States were among men.

In regard to substances, men are more likely to engage in binge drinking and become addicted to alcohol when compared to women. In fact, it is estimated that men are twice as likely to binge drink and that 9 million men have an alcohol use disorder. As far as illicit drugs are concerned, commonly used drugs include marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens. The increased use of illicit drugs in men may be due to the fact they are more likely to use these substances amongst friends in social situations.

What Are the Signs of Addiction in Men?

When discussing addiction signs in men, it is important to understand that gender-specific symptoms come into play. For men, the most obvious of those symptoms is the expression of masculinity. Society puts incredible pressure on men to be “tough” and sometimes engage in risky and dangerous behavior. Often, men use drugs and alcohol because it is seen as a “rite of passage.” Also, the expression of vulnerability and emotion is generally seen as a sign of weakness. Additionally, men abuse substances for a longer period of time and biologically can handle larger amounts of drugs and alcohol.

In general, the signs of addiction in men are the following:




What Are the Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program?

For men who struggle with addiction, a men’s rehab program may provide the right tools and support they need to address and overcome their addiction. While many “regular” drug rehab programs feature evidence-based programs and experienced staff, a men’s rehab gives clients specific benefits that benefit their recovery. First, men’s rehabs are structured so clients can feel safe conveying their emotions and feelings. When men feel safe in admitting vulnerability, and honestly, it breaks down barriers that allow them to receive the help they need.

Clients in men’s rehabs feel more comfortable being around peers of the same sex. Clients find comfort in being surrounded by men who experience similar things. Men’s rehabs also focus on the issues that pertain to them and they receive individualized recovery programs that fit their specific needs. Some of the issues focused on in men’s rehabs include:

Spirit Mountain Recovery is a Men’s Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Eden

You have many choices if you are looking for men’s drug treatment programs in Utah. The best facility for you will feature multiple levels of care, evidence-based treatment, and a fusion of traditional and emergent therapies tailored to fit your needs. Spirit Mountain Recovery is a premier men’s drug rehab facility in Utah. Located in the breathtaking Eden Valley, Spirit Mountain Recovery provides men from all walks of life with and tools, resources, and support needed to overcome addiction for good.

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