When it comes to helping your loved one find the right rehabilitation center, nothing is off limits. Your goal is to help find a solution, any solution, that will stick. Did you know that men’s only addiction treatment centers offer some unique advantages to traditional mixed-gender rehab options?

Over the years, several studies have found that men and women abuse drugs differently, experience different outcomes from using them and require varying levels of treatment. This means, in many cases it may make more sense for men and women to have separate treatment programs to better target their unique issues.

There are other benefits to men’s only addiction rehab, as well.

5 Unique Benefits of Men’s Addiction Rehab

While this may not be the case for everyone, men are typically raised differently than women. They have a harder time expressing emotions, seeking help and recognizing that they have a problem.

And for this reason, it makes sense to explore male-only options. Some of the benefits of men’s only addiction rehab include:

  1. Limited Societal Expectations
    In traditional rehab, men can sometimes feel pressure to act a certain way. Being strong, obstinate and reserved will not leave room for real breakthroughs. By attending a men’s only rehab treatment program, men can break down the societal barriers and admit they need help in their journey to recovery.
  2. Shared Experiences
    As mentioned earlier, men and women experience addiction differently. In a male-only treatment program, it’s more likely for clients to have shared experiences, fears, challenges and perspectives. This makes it easier to feel supported, understood and comfortable.
  3. Less Distractions
    While the sole purpose of rehabilitation is to focus on achieving lifelong sobriety, in traditional rehab, there are a variety of distractions. Women and men experience unique and gender-specific issues that can isolate the opposite sex. Plus, there is the risk of getting distracted by developing relationships. Gender-specific addiction treatment removes these distractions and puts the attention back on sobriety.
  4. Support and Comfort
    A gender-specific treatment environment can make a major difference in the comfort level of each client. Men are more likely to feel engaged, supported and comfortable sharing when they are surrounded by other men with similar life experiences. This male-only environment could be important in breaking down barriers and getting to the root cause of addiction.
  5. Engaging and Fun Opportunities
    One of the most unique benefits of men’s addiction treatment is that the activities, therapies and campuses are designed to specifically suit men’s interests. Outdoor, experiential and fun activities and exercise can help men create trust, build relationships and realize there is more to life than addiction.

Ultimately, it’s important to find a rehab facility that makes your loved one feel safe, comfortable and confident they can pursue lifelong sobriety. And in many cases, that may just be a men’s only addiction treatment center like Spirit Mountain Recovery.

Remarkable Men’s Only Addiction Rehab at Spirit Mountain Recovery

Spirit Mountain Recovery makes sustainable recovery possible through evidence-based treatment combined with healthy, outdoor activity. Ideally located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, our gender-specific treatment center puts the focus on helping our male clients reorient their life goals and find happiness outside of addiction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your loved one in their remarkable recovery journey.

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