Is Spirit Mountain Recovery a 12-Step Program?

Spirit Mountain Recovery Is Not A 12-Step Program

Spirit Mountain Recovery does not promote, require, or demand that our clients accept and work the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous during their treatment with us. However, we do respect the millions of people who have achieved sustained sobriety or have fully recovered from the hopelessness of substance abuse and addiction (alcohol and drug addiction) through working the 12-Step Program each day of their lives. 

If, as a client, you do choose this 12 Step path to sustained sobriety, then SMR is here to assist you in working that plan for recovery. But the 12 Step Program is for Spirit Mountain and by the credo of the 12 Step Program itself, a program of attraction and not promotion. 

Clients come to work the 12-Step Recovery Program of their own choice. Spirit Mountain does supplement this 12 Step experience with medication-assisted, clinical, and other experiential evidence-based therapies.

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Smart Recovery Program

All clients at Spirit Mountain Recovery are free to choose their own personal plan of recovery. But if we have learned one thing in the nearly 7 years of treating addiction – it is that a client will need a well-founded and diligently worked Daily Plan of Recovery to stay sober. Our medical, clinical, and experiential evidence-based SMART Recovery Program is available to clients who desire to eliminate or greatly moderate their use of alcohol and drugs. 

So, one thing is for sure, our clients will need to craft a Personal Plan of Recovery if they want to change their lives for the better. So, call it 3 Steps, 12, or 20, clients will need to develop and work on a daily recovery plan to stay sober if that is their goal. 

Spirit Mountain Recovery assists our clients in changing their lives for the better. To be more conscious of who they are and how to live their new life each day so as to not inflict harm upon themselves or others. The goal of Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Treatment Program is to assist clients in how to personally grow and prosper and live life to the fullest. One client at a time.

An Example of the Spirit Mountain Recovery Name Having a Higher Meaning 

Spirit Mountain Recovery is not a 12 Step Program. We do not promote it. We let clients we treat choose that program from being attracted to it. We respect the 12-Step Program for the millions of alcoholics and addicts who are sober each day because they practice the daily tenets of that program that keep them sober one day at a time.

My son Matt recovered from his alcohol and drug addiction through the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill Wilson who was one of the founders of the 12 Step Program was not a religious man. But he came to the realization of a power greater than himself through a dramatic revelation one night in the sanitarium where he was being treated for his alcoholism. He called out that if there were a God, would he show himself? He was ready to take direction.

This transformative event in the form of a bright light then filling his room was the culmination of his experiencing countless years of a hopeless struggle with alcoholism. Moreover, as he lay there in bed in his deep depressive state, he described the experience as he quoted at a 1955 AA Convention: “It seemed to me, in the mind’s eye, that I was on a mountain and that a wind not of air but of spirit was blowing. That I was a free man…I was in another world, a new world of consciousness.”  

Mountains, spirit, and a new world of consciousness…I think there may be something greater in power and magnitude than the combined souls of those who are being treated and the professionals that treat them that are working at Spirit Mountain Recovery. I believe our name speaks for the amazing peace and comfort that can be had for those who chose to recover at Spirit Mountain Recovery by working the 12 Step or SMART Recovery Programs we offer.

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