Figuring out whether your husband is an alcoholic can be emotionally trying. People who have searched for “is my husband an alcoholic” might have done so out of concern for the nightly habits of their loved one, out of fear that those habits have become a serious problem, and out of a desperate need to figure out whether it’s time to get help. Thankfully, with Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Utah men’s treatment program, you can get help for your husband.

What are the Signs My Husband is an Alcoholic?

So, how do you answer questions like, “does my husband have a drinking problem” or “is my husband an alcoholic”? Firstly, you need to look for a range of signs. These signs can be behavioral, financial, or physical.

Behavioral Signs Your Husband is an Alcoholic

Some of the most common signs include a stark change in behavior. You might notice your husband’s personality changing significantly. Other behavioral signs of addiction include unexplained irritability or mood swings. Your husband might start neglecting his relationships, himself, and even work. You might notice your husband pulling away from his friends as well as social activities or hobbies that he once loved.

Financial Signs 

If you question, “does my husband have a drinking problem” that answer might be found in unexpected financial problems your family is facing. All too often, when people start to struggle with addiction, purchasing the substance takes priority over everything else. This sign can manifest in the form of:

Physical Signs Your Husband is an Alcoholic

When someone has an addiction to alcohol, they can start to develop a tolerance, which means they have to increase the amount they consume to feel the same effects. As soon as the body is physically dependent on alcohol, if your husband tries to cut down on their drinking or stop drinking, they can experience serious withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms and other common physical symptoms can differ from one person to another, but the most common include:

What to Do If You Think Your Husband is an Alcoholic?

If you have pondered “is my husband an alcoholic” and concluded they might be, there are things you can do to help. 

First, you can talk to your spouse about their alcohol consumption. Sometimes people are in denial and don’t realize the extent of their problem, and all it takes is open communication from a place of love and support for an individual to recognize that it’s time to get help.

Not everyone is comfortable with this. It can be frightening to risk upsetting your spouse over such a serious issue, especially when you don’t know how to show your support while emphasizing the need for help. If you have any apprehensions about opening up this dialogue yourself, you can hire an intervention specialist to help you plan an intervention.

Whether you do it yourself or you get outside help, if you think your husband is an alcoholic, it’s good to have a vetted rehab center like Spirit Mountain ready for the moment your husband decides to get help. The last thing you want is for your spouse to respond to your concerns openly and be prepared to take that next step forward, only to find that you don’t know where to send them.

How to Find a Men’s Alcohol Treatment Program in Utah

For those who have confirmed answers to questions like “is my husband an alcoholic” men’s alcohol treatment programs in Utah are available. With Spirit Mountain, our facility offers a family-oriented rehabilitation program specifically designed for men. 

We offer a handful of specialized treatment programs for men in Utah, integrative family programs, and specialized treatment for mental health issues. We understand how difficult addiction can be, but we also appreciate the need to simultaneously treat the mind, body, and spirit. 

Treating physical addiction and isolation doesn’t address the root of the problem, but with our group and individual counseling and therapy sessions, we can help your husband work through challenges in their life and mental health hiccups that have contributed to their alcoholism. We will teach your spouse how to identify triggers in their environment and how to apply helpful coping mechanisms when the time comes. 

While our outpatient treatment programs are co-ed, our residential program is for men only. This lets us provide specialized gender-specific treatment and gives families peace of mind that their husbands or loved ones will only be around other men while in rehab. Let Spirit Mountain Recovery help your spouse get the help they need.

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