Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs. Not only does the drug trap users into constantly craving more and more of the drug to achieve their desired effect, but the withdrawal symptoms associated can make it physically and mentally difficult to quit. If left untreated, heroin addiction can destroy lives and families, and put users at significant risk of overdosing to appease the drug’s addictive effects on the body.

Spirit Mountain Recovery is a men’s drug rehab facility in Utah that provides comprehensive care and non-judgmental support to help clients on their road to recovery. In this post, you’ll learn precisely how does heroin impact the body and how to overcome those effects.

If you or your loved one struggles with heroin addiction, contact us today so we can help your recovery journey.

Why is Heroin Addictive?

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug that’s created from morphine. People who frequently use heroin will eventually build a tolerance for the drug, meaning the body will crave a higher dosage of heroin or more doses to feel the same desired effect of the drug.

From a physiological perspective, heroin is an opiate that triggers a heightened feeling of dopamine in the brain’s reward center. Since dopamine is responsible for providing feelings of pleasure, the brain and body become hooked on addictive substances like heroin as a craving to feel this unnatural dopamine spike and satisfy their craving upon the drug’s usage.

Over time, the heroin effect on the body will cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if addicts fail to satisfy their cravings. These debilitating withdrawal symptoms can make it difficult for addicts to quit all on their own without the proper support and tailored treatment plans in place. Therefore, seeking professional, consistent treatment to recover from heroin use is crucial due to the highly addictive nature of the drug.

How Does Heroin Impact the Body?

Heroin impacts the body with a series of negative physiological and psychological health consequences. Depending on the individual and the length of the heroin addiction can influence how does heroin impact the body. That being said, heroin can be quick to become hooked and dependent upon and thus cause a drastic decline in the body.

Several common heroin effects on body include:

Inevitably, the sooner individuals struggling with heroin addiction seek treatment, the better. Otherwise, over time, a failure to effectively treat heroin addiction can lead to an increased dependency on the drug, which may result in individuals seeking out stronger, cheaper methods, which can become lethal.

What Are Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms?

As discussed, heroin is an extremely addicting drug. Therefore, as the body develops a dependency on the drug, individuals may experience various heroin withdrawal symptoms if they lack to satisfy their drug addiction.

Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

Unfortunately, as heroin dependency develops, the drug develops a tighter grasp on the user, which can oftentimes result in hurting family and friends in the process if it means satisfying their heroin addiction.

Although heroin withdrawal symptoms exist, a range of individualized treatment plans and options are available for heroin addicts to receive the necessary support they need to battle these withdrawal symptoms and take actionable steps toward recovery.

How to Find Heroin Detox Programs in Utah

Now that you know more about how does heroin impact the body, it’s crucial to understand that there are heroin detox programs available that can effectively help treat your addiction. Finding the right treatment program for you is one of the first key steps on your road to recovery.

Spirit Mountain Recovery provides a variety of treatment programs and is a leading facility for drug and alcohol detox in Utah. Our aim is to give client’s a calm, home-like environment where they are given all the consistent support and resources necessary to achieve long-term recovery. Heroin is an addictive drug that is extremely difficult to quit all on your own. Contact us today so we can help you or your loved one receive individualized treatment to embrace a happier, healthier life of sobriety.

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