For those in recovery, the fear of relapse never really goes away. Such fear is a legitimate concern since relapse for drug addiction is high. Studies show that 40% to 60% of individuals with drug addiction disorder relapse within 30 days of leaving treatment. That’s why, In the last decade, holistic treatment for drug addiction has become increasingly popular for those in recovery mode.  

Holistic treatment for drug addiction refers to any programs outside of traditional therapies used to treat addiction. Holistic treatment seeks to heal the whole person. Each person’s unique mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects are addressed wholly rather than as a single part of their life. 

By tending to the individual’s overall wellness, those in recovery will feel more comfortable and confident taking on a sober lifestyle. Hence, holistic treatment for drug addiction is an excellent way to help combat addiction and move on to a lifetime of health and wellness.

Types of Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction

Holistic therapies heal the mind and body by focusing on more than just single addiction factors. Therefore, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health practices are all vital in holistic treatment. A person will begin to feel complete throughout the recovery process with a focus on these areas.

The critical alternative therapies included in most holistic addiction treatments: 

Studies show that approximately 45% of those suffering from some type of addiction disorder have used at least one variety of these alternative therapies, whether alone or under the care of a professional, to help address their addictions.

Most holistic programs require patients to undergo a detox program followed by weeks or months of therapy, group meetings, and individual meetings led by a facilitator. 

There are different holistic treatments for drug addiction at rehab centers. Three of the most popular treatments include: 


Meditation as a holistic treatment for drug addiction teaches mindfulness, gratitude, and being kinder with thoughts and feelings. For example, mindfulness helps those in recovery to feel grateful for the person that they are right in the moment. Feelings and emotions are acknowledged instead of pushed away.

Techniques learned in meditation put a mental distance between thoughts and how one internalizes the thoughts. Hence, patients in recovery are emotionally stronger to return to a lifestyle of sober living. 


Yoga is proven to help people recover from addiction as it forces them to focus on the present moment. For example, the body holds on to past trauma, while the mind is always in the future. However, with yoga, the past and the future are forced to meet in the middle. 

Yoga and fitness classes require one to hold physical poses and work on breathing techniques while accepting that the discomfort is temporary. From there, the discomfort is released by breathing through the pose and into a new one. Yoga techniques are helpful for patients to apply to their lives after leaving a rehab center. 

Art Therapy

Studies have long shown that art therapy can help one forget their problems by focusing on something entirely unrelated to addiction. In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of art therapy one prefers. It can be as simple as coloring in an adult coloring book or doodling swirls on a blank sheet of paper. 

Art therapy challenges creativity and helps one focus on the present moment. As a result, one’s self-esteem, social behavior, and mental health all receive a much-needed boost. 

Benefits of Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction

Holistic treatment for drug addiction helps a person maintain their sobriety after detox and prevent relapses throughout the rest of the recovery process. Holistic therapy seeks to plug the holes that may trigger a relapse by focusing on all aspects of a person’s life. 

Overall, holistic treatment is renowned for its many positive mental and physical health benefits. It gets to the bottom of what drives addiction, including any mental health disorders that may have fallen through the cracks of other treatment programs. 

Patients learn new habits, such as how to manage stress levels without using an addictive substance. Additionally, the person in recovery masters how to relax the body and mind in any circumstances. The new positive habits developed in treatment last long after recovery has ended.

The improved mental and physical health results from holistic treatments are remarkable, allowing the mind and body to thrive harmoniously. It’s no surprise that many people choose the holistic approach. 

Holistic Treatment For Drug Abuse in Utah

If you have tried traditional rehab therapy in the past and it didn’t stick, holistic treatment for drug abuse is worth pursuing. You will learn to turn your intention inward, focusing on yourself, your mind, and your spirit. Hence, your risk of relapsing decreases. 

Located on a beautiful mountainside in Eden Valley, Utah, Spirit Mountain Recovery offers the different types of holistic drug addiction that best suit your unique needs. Contact us today and start reaping the benefits of peace, sobriety, and healthy living for a lifetime. 

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