Why Choose Spirit Mountain Recovery: Our Focus on Fun Recovery Activities

When it comes to recovery, every treatment center has its own philosophies. Some strictly follow the 12-step approach and others lean towards more holistic healing. It’s important when searching for a treatment facility to understand that when it comes to your loved one’s recovery, their opinion is what matters most. A one-size-fits-all recovery option is not going to offer the best chance for success.

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we use a variety of treatment methods to help your son, husband or father find success, peace and healing in his recovery journey. One of these methods is outdoor recreational activities that are meant to remind your loved one what it means to live and have fun without drugs or alcohol.

What Makes Us Fun: Our Personalized Recovery Activities

What makes our recovery program more fun than others in the surrounding area? Well, we are very lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful and serene locations in the country. Nestled on the Wasatch Mountains, just north of Salt Lake City, we bring excitement and adventure back into our clients’ lives.

When your loved one is here, he’ll get to tackle the awe-inspiring mountains during hikes and bike rides. He’ll breath in the crisp, clean air and bask in the gorgeous sunshine when skiing or snowboarding down the mountains. He’ll get his heart pumping on the water when paddle boarding and kayaking. And give his body the much-needed exercise and enjoyment it needs and deserves with horseback riding, running, golfing and much more.

Addiction recovery is serious. The emotional, mental and physical toll it takes on the body is challenging. That is why we do everything in our power to let our clients enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors while they are fully engaged in recovery.

We believe a big part of recovery is getting reintroduced to all the exciting, fun things that life has to offer. Aside from all the outdoor beauty surrounding our campus, we also offer big screen TVs, ping pong tables, a swim spa and a variety of other opportunities for clients to relax, kick back and just have fun again.

What Makes Us Fun: Our Small Group Recovery Treatment

We want to provide compassionate, consistent and non-judgmental guidance and support to all our clients. We want to provide a nurturing environment that helps our clients build a new life that is well grounded, joyous and free. And, that looks different for every client that comes through our doors.

Spirit Mountain Recovery intentionally provides a smaller, more intimate atmosphere. While we know many other treatment centers offer large-scale therapy options, we have found that personalized attention is the key to individual success.

By taking a max of 8 clients at a time, we ensure that our experienced and professional staff can give your loved one the personalized, one-on-one attention and care he deserves to recover from addiction. This personalized approach is what also makes it so easy for us to provide our clients with the freedom and flexibility to take part in amazing, life-changing recreational activities.

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we know how important evidence-based treatments are to addiction recovery. But recovery success also means reigniting old passions and sparking a love for new activities to show your loved one how amazing his life could be without drugs or alcohol.

This is what funcovery at Spirit Mountain Recovery is all about!

Remember What it’s Like to Have Fun at Spirit Mountain Recovery

Just a few hours away from 7 national and state parks, Spirit Mountain Recovery offers the ideal backdrop for your recovery journey. We offer remarkable treatment programs for men seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our personalized, small-scale approach to recovery and our location in the mountains gives us the opportunity to show your loved one what it means to live a fun, fulfilling life without substance abuse.

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