Addiction is no laughing matter. It’s wreaked havoc on your family and turned your loved one into somebody you no longer recognize. When you’re living in the fear and isolation caused by addiction, it can be extremely difficult to believe you and your family will ever experience joy again.

But believe it or not, there is hope for your loved one and your family. You might think of addiction rehab as detox and countless hours of therapy, but what if treatment could be fun, too?

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we believe fun is not only possible, but absolutely essential to recovery success. In fact, we take more of a “funcovery” approach to treatment to help your loved one rediscover the joys and passions of life without drugs or alcohol.

How We Make Addiction Treatment Positive and Engaging

There’s a common saying that laughter is the best medicine. While it’s not quite that simple, finding joy in recovery is necessary to improving quality of life after addiction.

Our Location

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we focus on embracing the fun parts of life in all aspects of our treatment program. Take our location, for instance. Our treatment facility is situated in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, 60 miles outside of Salt Lake City. This peace and serenity out in nature gives your loved one a chance to reconnect to the outdoors and reignite his old passions and hobbies that can help liberate him from addictive tendencies.

A Well-Balanced Schedule

It is our belief that it’s much easier to take the leap towards sobriety when there are so many other things to look forward to each day.

For example, your loved one would experience a well-balanced schedule each day that wouldn’t just focus on individual or group therapy. He’d wake up in the morning, eat a well-balanced breakfast, and then engage in morning meditation and yoga or spend some time working out at the fitness center. The rest of his day would include peer support lessons, recreational activities like bowling and personal time.

While therapy sessions are certainly important and a part of Spirit Mountain Recovery’s daily schedule, there’s so much more for your loved one to experience to help him recover from addiction.

Fun, Outdoor Activities

Think about some of your most fond memories and experiences that made you feel alive. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, our goal is to incorporate exciting and passionate experiences into your loved one’s treatment to help him remember that there’s more to life than drugs or alcohol.

Besides the more traditional aspects of addiction treatment, your son or husband will get to hike through the mountains. He’ll have the opportunity to breath in the fresh mountain air and feel the warmth of the sun on his face while skiing or snowboarding. He’ll get his heart pumping when rock climbing or paddle boarding, and participate in many other activities including:

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, every single day affords a new opportunity for joy and fun.

Find Support at Spirit Mountain Recovery Center

One of the things that is truly unique about Spirit Mountain Recovery is our remarkable recovery program and the fun we bring to recovery.

We pride ourselves on a regimen that includes a good night’s sleep every single night, healthy eating options, physical workouts and interaction with peers and recovery support staff. This balanced approach of traditional treatments and experiential activities is what can help your loved one find happiness and gain long-term recovery from addiction and other co-occurring conditions.

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