Methamphetamine Addiction

An Effective Approach to Treating Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction

The high was unlike anything you’ve ever experienced the first time you used meth. But the thing about meth is the pleasure lasts a very short time, leaving the user desperately craving for the drug in even higher doses than before.

Whether you’re personally struggling with meth addiction or are a loved one worried about your son or husband, we understand what you’re going through. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we can help bring you back from addiction through evidence-based, nonconventional and even fun therapy methods.

About Our Meth Rehab Center in Utah

There are few places in the country as scenic and idyllic as Eden, Utah. In this secluded and beautiful mountain environment, you will be able to heal from meth addiction in peace and away from all distractions. We typically only work with 3-6 clients at a time, giving our esteemed clinical staff the ability to more directly and personally support your recovery and adapt treatment to your specific needs.

We aspire to be the best meth treatment center in Utah, and we work towards this with our small client-to-staff ratio, our healing environment, and our well-thought-out and evidence-based treatment modalities. You will be able to engage in incredible experiences like mountain hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, and much more to help reignite the fulfillment you once felt before addiction.

All of this is so you can find sustainable, long-lasting sobriety and peace after treatment.

Our meth rehab center in Utah focuses on a small number of clients at a time, which affords our staff more availability and energy to focus on each of our unique patients who seek to heal from meth addiction. We offer a healing environment with multiple treatment options available, including evidence-based, non-conventional therapies, from detox and medication management to other programs that focus on the whole person.

Residential Treatment

Patients who battle a serious and chronic meth addiction may be required to enter a residential or inpatient treatment program. People who have engaged in long-term meth abuse suffer from the most severe meth withdrawal symptoms. Without receiving proper, intensive help from our staff, who operate on a 2:1 staff-to-client ratio and 24-hour support, a person could easily relapse, falling into the old cycle of meth abuse. Residential treatment at Spirit Mountain offers a safe, tranquil place, free of triggers or temptations, so our clients can regain control of their lives without temptation.

Day Treatment

Day treatment, or partial hospitalization, offers a more flexible environment than our residential treatment program. This program is ideal for those with addictive, mental or emotional disorders that do not require round-the-clock care. The course of treatment is still intensive, requiring individuals to stay at least 8 hours each day at the facility, but they can return home at the end of the day. This is an ideal option for those who have a home environment that is clean, sober, and stable. Those who attend day treatment still reap our inpatient treatment program’s essential tools and amenities but at a lower cost.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient meth rehab in Utah at Spirit Mountain Recovery falls somewhere between our residential program and day treatment. IOP programs often serve as a bridge between inpatient and outpatient care, offering freedoms to those returning to home after completing our residential program but yet are not ready to return home without regular, ongoing support. Those who have experienced mild to moderate addiction may benefit from this type of program.


Our intimate meth rehab center is located in the mountains of Utah, offering peace and tranquility, away from the distractions of regular life, enabling clients to be as comfortable as possible while they recover. Clients who have visited Spirit Mountain Recovery have noted that they feel more at home at our tranquil recovery center than other treatment facilities.

Our Approach to Meth Addiction Treatment

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, our treatment program is focused on stabilizing you, educating you about your addiction and developing a sustainable recovery plan to help you regain a life without meth.

Meth Detox

Detox is the first step to rid your body and mind from methamphetamine. This initial phase allows you to approach the rest of treatment with a clear, sober mind to get to the bottom of addiction and any co-occurring disorders.


What triggers have led to your meth abuse? How does meth wreak havoc on the mind and body? During treatment, we work to educate you about this addiction, so that you can more effectively fight it and prevent relapse.

Sustainable Recovery Development

Addiction recovery is much more than simply ridding the body of meth. Our program includes fun, experiential therapy methods and activities like skiing and hiking in the mountains to reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit, and open your eyes to a remarkable life without addiction.

Why Choose Spirit Mountain Recovery
for Meth Rehab in Utah

Our meth addiction treatment program completely revolves around your specific rehab needs and recovery goals. We develop an individualized, non-conventional treatment plan that incorporates both evidence-based treatment and exhilarating recreational activities.

Your days at Spirit Mountain Recovery in Utah will be unlike those at other traditional rehabs, with an active and fulfilling daily schedule that includes:

What to Expect From Entering a Meth Rehab in Utah

The following process can be expected when entering a meth rehab program in Utah.

Assessment: A thorough psychological and physical assessment will be conducted upon admission to enable our staff to understand your unique experience with addiction so we can create a tailored treatment plan for recovery.

Detox: Detoxification is a necessary process by which the body withdraws from the effects of methamphetamine abuse, under the supervision and help of trained medical professionals. Medications may be given to help reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms.

Counseling and Therapy: Depending on the needs of the individual, various therapy options are available. From individual counseling, group counseling, and family therapy to recovery aftercare, we offer several treatments to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

Spirit Mountain Recovery is committed to helping those who are addicted to meth and their families. We offer multiple meth rehab treatment options in Utah, focusing on treating the whole person with evidence-based therapies designed to equip each person who walks through our doors to achieve recovery and to deal with the ongoing challenges of staying sober. Contact us today to get on the path to lasting wellness.

Welcome To Spirit Mountain Recovery

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Recovery is possible. Regaining a healthy, passionate and meth-free life is possible. If you’re ready to overcome addiction, contact us today.


Why Do Our Clients Have to Say?

This is a One in a Million Treatment & Recovery Center.

They have the best team of staff and doctors on this planet. I am proud to say I am a recovering addict because of their amazing skills and treatment. They have changed my life completely and I could not have done it without them! Thank you for guiding me and paving the path for me to find my true self, and what I am capable of. You are all my family and friends.


Spirit Mountain Has Treated Me Like Family

They have very good staff and therapists. They cater to your experience so you have the best chance of success. They have helped me come to life-changing realizations and I feel confident in my recovery. If you are open-minded and willing then you’ve struck gold here.


Spirit Mountain is Special.

The brotherhood of good men that have come together through addiction and recovery has created a unique approach toward spiritual wellness and care. SMR has core values that are built on service to others and a candid approach to recovery that has a deep and lasting change on the men who desire true change and empower them to overcome the disease of addiction.


A Great Place to Renew Your Path in Life

Spirit Mountain Recovery has been such an amazing place to help those who are struggling with addiction. It’s in a gorgeous area with beautiful views. A great place to renew your path in life, if you’re struggling.


Spirit Mountain Saved My Life.

I was out of options and the men here picked me up and set me on a new path to a life I love today. The food was amazing! The beds were soft! The staff is amazing! It was completely customized to my needs.


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