Here’s what our young adult clients have said about their recovery at Spirit Mountain:


1)      Being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine of the Utah Mountains made Spirit Mountain an awesome place to recover!

Drug rehabilitation on the side of a mountain in Utah and not in a crowded city or beach in California or Florida.


2)      I got more therapy in one week at Spirit Mountain than what I got at in a full month at the previous 2 treatment centers I was at…really got to the bottom of some of my issues with drugs. 

A minimum of 10 hours of clinical counseling per week.


3)      It is pretty cool that Spirit Mountain not only helped me obliterate my drug addiction but also identified some mental things I had been struggling with and successfully treated those too.

Spirit Mountain is unique in that it not only treats drug addiction, but it also assesses, diagnoses and simultaneously treats co-occurring mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar…) that often underlie a young adults addiction.