An Effective and Fun Approach to Treating Meth Addiction

The high was unlike anything you’ve ever experienced the first time you used meth. But the thing about meth is the pleasure lasts a very short time, leaving the user desperately craving for the drug in even higher doses than before.

Whether you’re personally struggling with meth addiction or are a loved one worried about your son or husband, we understand what you’re going through. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we can help bring you back from addiction through evidence-based, nonconventional and even fun therapy methods.

Our Approach to Meth Addiction Treatment

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, our treatment program is focused on stabilizing you, educating you about your addiction and developing a sustainable recovery plan to help you regain a life without meth.

Meth Detox

Detox is the first step to rid your body and mind from methamphetamine. This initial phase allows you to approach the rest of treatment with a clear, sober mind to get to the bottom of addiction and any co-occurring disorders.


What triggers have led to your meth abuse? How does meth wreak havoc on the mind and body? During treatment, we work to educate you about this addiction, so that you can more effectively fight it and prevent relapse.

Sustainable Recovery Development

Addiction recovery is much more than simply ridding the body of meth. Our program includes fun, experiential therapy methods and activities like skiing and hiking in the mountains to reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit, and open your eyes to a remarkable life without addiction.

Why Choose Spirit Mountain Recovery for Meth Rehab in Utah

Our meth addiction treatment program completely revolves around your specific rehab needs and recovery goals. We develop an individualized, non-conventional treatment plan that incorporates both evidence-based treatment and exhilarating recreational activities.

Your days at Spirit Mountain Recovery in Utah will be unlike those at other traditional rehabs, with an active and fulfilling daily schedule that includes:

  • SMART Goal creation and reviews
  • Morning meditation, reflection and sharing
  • Gym, yoga and recreation
  • Healthy meals
  • PsychoEducational Peer Support Lessons
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Evening recreational activities like night skiing

About our Meth Rehab Center in Utah

There are few places in the country as scenic and idyllic as Eden, Utah. In this secluded and beautiful mountain environment, you will be able to heal from meth addiction in peace and away from all distractions.

We typically only work with 3-6 clients at a time, giving our esteemed clinical staff the ability to more directly and personally support your recovery and adapt treatment to your specific needs.

Our inspiring location and small client to staff ratio gives us the opportunity to offer you a unique and effective recovery regimen unmatched by other rehab centers in Utah. You will be able to engage in incredible experiences like mountain hiking, skiing, paddle boarding and much more to help reignite the fulfillment you once felt before addiction.

All of this is so you can find sustainable, long-lasting sobriety and peace after treatment.

Contact Spirit Mountain Recovery for Meth Addiction Treatment Today

Recovery is possible. Regaining a healthy, passionate and meth-free life is possible. If you’re ready to overcome addiction, contact us today.