Reluctant to commit to long-term drug and alcohol treatment? Not sure if you even have a substance use problem? Or, maybe you have just been abusing drugs and or alcohol or find yourself unable to stop using them once you start. Which is it?

The highly experienced Professional Staff at Spirit Mountain Recovery can help you move past these questions and get you lined up with a recovery program that is right for you!

Our Innovative 14 Day In-Residence Program works like this – you would cease your substance use and join us for two weeks in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah where we will engage you in extensive medical, psychiatric, psychological and peer assessments of your substance use. We will also diagnosis any co-occuring mental health issue with which you may be struggling like depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar and other mood disorders. Then, we will discuss the results of these assessments with you and some options to consider in building your new life.

Simultaneous with the assessment process we will educate you with all we know about substance abuse and addiction and how to recover from them. Some other baseline goals we want to accomplish while you are with us is to get you a significantly underappreciated good night’s sleep, back eating and drinking nutritious food and beverages along with developing a daily exercise program that enhances your self-esteem and confidence.

Looking forward to having you join us in this journey of self-discovery!

Call Us Now at 801-336-0658 to Reserve a Place in Our 2 Week Program!