Some of the most life-changing moments don’t come from individual or group therapy sessions. Instead, they come from remarkable, awe-inspiring activities that get you outside where you can better connect with nature and yourself.

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we are known for our experiential activity therapy that helps add a bit of fun and inspiration to your loved one’s addiction recovery. These activities serve to supplement your loved one’s individual and group clinical therapy sessions, giving him other avenues to process and share his feelings and emotions.

What is an Experiential Recovery Regimen?

Experiential Recovery Regimens at Spirit Mountain Recovery make frequent use of nontraditional “hands-on experience” activities. Through these activities your loved one can enjoy doing, he will develop a deeper understanding of himself and learn how to trust in healthy, sober human connections again.

Some of our experiential activities include:

  • Hiking, mountain biking and camping
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Fishing
  • Paddle boarding and rock climbing
  • Drum circles
  • Weight lifting and cardio
  • Basketball, racquet ball and golf
  • Float tank and sauna
  • Artistic expression and playing musical instruments
  • A trip to one of Utah’s 7 National Parks
  • Various other community service projects

These activities are also supplemented each day with frequent use of our very own top-of-the-line Cal Spa™ Commander F-1681 Swim Spa™ and state-of-the-art Precor™ In-Residence Gym.

Your Loved One Can Experience Remarkable Healing at Spirit Mountain Recovery

Our experiential activities regimen is fostered first and foremost with your loved one living in our residence on the side of a mountain in northern Utah. His recovery will include a good night’s sleep every single night, eating well, working out physically each day and interacting with their peers and our recovered peer support staff.

Our balanced approach of traditional, evidence-based treatment and experiential activities can help your loved one gain long-term recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders!