To Those Struggling with Substance Use Abuse,

As the single father of 3 adult children who suffered from severe drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions for years, but have now since recovered, I have experienced addiction up close and personally.  The endless pain and misery it brings.  It can be devastating at times.  Addiction ravages not only the loved one afflicted, but everyone around them.  But, I can say, having been through it, that there is hope.

When I was living in the midst of my children actively acting out in their addictions, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.  How to deal with the chaotic, illogical, dysfunctional behavior.  But, having been through this heartache, I prayed along with my kids that if we ever made it to sustained sobriety we would help others with the lessons we learned the hard way about addiction and how to beat it.

Whether it is through the legal system, by intervention or you just hit bottom, there will come a time to take action in dealing with your or a loved one’s addiction.  When that opportunity presents itself, stop, get immediately to treatment whether that be inpatient or outpatient.  Stay on it, dig in, do all you can as a human life most often these days hangs in the balance.

My personal experience with my kids has shown me that someone suffering from an addiction should be isolated in a small loving residential setting, like our Spirit Mountain residence, as far away from their toxic environment and for as long as possible.  A family-style setting that fosters recovery.  Here we will bring not only our unique street experience in dealing with addiction, but also the very highest level of medical, clinical, experiential and holistic treatment available as well.

If that alternative is not possible, our Day or Outpatient Treatment Programs can also be effective if the person addicted and their loved ones will commit to severing all past toxic relationships and focus fully on recovery.  All our Substance Use Disorder treatment centers teach our unique recovery regimens.

Why do we work so intensely and passionately on addiction recovery for each and everyone?

Because You’re Family to Us!