Positive Thinking in Addiction Recovery

Escape from Texas to Get Remarkable Addiction Treatment at Spirit Mountain Recovery

Addiction has taken so much from you. It’s damaged your family, impacted your career, taken away your independence and turned you into a shadow of the person you once were. If you’re searching for a solution, it’s time to step out of the toxic environment in Texas where your addiction has controlled you. At Spirit Mountain Recovery in Utah, we can help you find the peace and serenity you need to heal from alcohol or drug abuse.

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Why Spirit Mountain Recovery for Addiction Rehab

Peace and Serenity in the Utah Mountains

Our home-like facility nestled in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah offers the privacy, peace and safety you haven’t been able to find in Texas. With nothing but nature and refreshing mountain air all around you, our location gives you the opportunity to truly heal from addiction and discover lasting sobriety.

Esteemed Clinical Staff

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, our esteemed clinical staff are determined to guide you through treatment into recovery. You’ll have daily access to our physician/psychiatrist, psychologist, LCSW, full-time registered nurse and EAGALA certified equine-assisted therapists. Our team of Peer Support Specialists will also be available to encourage and care for you throughout your treatment experience.

Personalized, One-to-One Treatment and Care

Our family-style approach to addiction treatment means we only take eight clients at a time. This allows our clinical staff to provide the highly personalized and intimate treatment you need to fully recover from addiction. You’ll also receive more clinical therapy sessions and daily psycho educational sessions than you’d receive at a more traditional treatment facility.

Fun Activities to Help Reignite a Fulfilling, Passionate Life

Part of recovering from addiction is remembering how fulfilling life can be without alcohol or drugs. That’s why your days at Spirit Mountain Recovery will include outdoor activities like camping, hiking, golf, paddle boarding and much more. Participating in fun endeavors like these can help heal your body and mind from addiction.

Find Sustainable Sobriety at Spirit Mountain Recovery in Utah

Are you ready to break free from your addiction and find lasting recovery? Our peaceful and secluded treatment location in Utah gives you the chance to step outside of your everyday life in Texas and heal from alcohol or drug abuse.

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