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Spirit Mountain’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Utah offers a transformative journey to lasting recovery. Our co-ed program provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals seeking comprehensive addiction treatment. With a focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit, our intensive outpatient program empowers participants to overcome challenges and embrace a healthier, substance-free life. Through evidence-based therapies, counseling, and personalized care, our skilled team of professionals is committed to guiding each individual towards achieving their unique recovery goals. Experience the power of transformation with Spirit Mountain’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Utah.

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Multiple Options in Addiction Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is located in Roy, Utah. An outpatient treatment program is most appropriate for those whose recovery is sufficiently stable. During outpatient programs, clients can stay at home or in a sober living program.

Benefits of Our IOP Program Near Salt Lake City in Utah

Intake Process / Schedule

Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Utah, like our Residential and Day Treatment Programs, begins with an assessment by our clinical team. Our IOP in Roy, Utah is typically scheduled for three hours a day, three days a week. Based on this assessment and diagnosis, an Individualized Treatment Plan is then prepared.

Individual Treatment Plan

Based on the above assessments, an Individualized Treatment Plan is developed and will form the basis for treatment. This ITP can be adjusted at any time based on the progress that the client is or is not making in their treatment. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, both the addiction and mental health disorders are treated simultaneously.


A key to our Intensive Outpatient Program is its flexibility in the types of treatment you will receive, and the time periods you can devote to your treatment. Treatment times are set to accommodate your work schedule, insurance, school and family obligations.

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Which Level of care is right for you?

The Difference Between Outpatient and IOP

No matter what level of addiction treatment care you choose, the goal of therapy is to help you achieve lasting sobriety. All licensed rehab programs use various evidence-based therapies and alternative treatment models to ensure you receive the help and guidance you need to get sober. However, not all levels of care achieve this goal in the same manner. The different levels of care (inpatient, outpatient, and intensive outpatient) offer different levels of treatment intensity based on the nature of each individual program. 

At an inpatient program, you are required to live at the treatment center while participating in therapy. The rehab provides everything necessary for you to place your complete focus on healing and overcoming addiction. During inpatient treatment, you will have access to 24/7 care and supports that address your physical, emotional, and nutritional needs. Inpatient or residential programs are ideal for someone struggling with a severe addiction or who has experienced relapse after previously going to rehab. 

Two other widely used levels of care are intensive outpatient and outpatient programs. While both reference outpatient care, they are different in many ways. A key difference between residential care and any type of outpatient treatment is housing. Outpatient programs allow you to seek necessary addiction treatment care and support while still living at home. Outpatient programs are generally more flexible and structured around helping you achieve your treatment needs on a schedule that considers other obligations such as work and family. Outpatient treatment programs ensure anyone who is motivated to get well can attend group therapy, individual therapy, or peer support sessions in the evenings or at other times that do not conflict with their schedule. Because outpatient programs are less intensive than traditional inpatient care, they often last six months or more as it can take longer to reach your treatment goals. 

Intensive outpatient programs typically fall somewhere between outpatient and inpatient care. An intensive outpatient program also allows participants to reside at home while going to addiction treatment therapy. It is not uncommon for intensive outpatient or IOP programs to serve as a bridge or transitional program between inpatient and outpatient care. “Stepping down” to an IOP offers a step between intensive inpatient care and the freedoms of returning home for those who have completed inpatient treatment but are not yet comfortable returning home without ongoing support. Intensive outpatient programs are also beneficial as the first course of treatment for someone with a mild to moderate addiction, minimal co-occurring mental health concerns, and an environment at home that is stable and safe. 

The Pros of Intensive Outpatient

What to Expect From IOP Treatment in Utah

The most significant benefit to choosing IOP treatment in Utah is the ability to receive intensive addiction treatment care in a treatment environment that allows you to remain fully immersed and active in your day-to-day obligations. These programs help reduce some of the fear and stigma surrounding “leaving home” to go to a drug or alcohol rehab. Because an IOP allows you to remain involved in work and family activities while getting help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, it is not uncommon for people to feel more comfortable choosing this treatment method. 

Intensive outpatient programs in Utah like Spirit Mountain Recovery offer a similar level of treatment intensity to that found in the inpatient treatment environment. It is important to remember that certain factors unique to your treatment needs suggest inpatient care as a first step might offer a greater opportunity for success. However, an IOP program may be the right first step for you if you have a mild to moderate substance use disorder and your home environment is free from substance use triggers. While many people choose outpatient level care because it allows them to remain at home, staying in an environment surrounded by triggers can also be one of the most significant challenges to intensive outpatient treatment. For some, this ongoing exposure to the triggers, including people, events, and places, that led to and furthered addiction may lead to an increased risk for relapse. 

One of the primary components used in intensive outpatient treatment is group therapy. Participation in group therapy or peer support groups offers the opportunity to give and receive support from like-minded peers who share similar challenges. Group therapy sessions also provide a chance to work on and improve communication skills that can be so vital to maintaining effective interactions with others after treatment ends. By participating in peer support groups and group activities, you can learn how to engage in social events without using drugs or alcohol to feel comfortable. Group and individual therapy sessions are also utilized to help you develop and practice healthier and safer coping tools needed to overcome relapse triggers in the future. 

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Find Lasting Recovery at Our IOP in Eden, Utah

Our IOP in Utah provides comprehensive addiction treatment designed to help you address addiction’s physical, psychological, and spiritual roots. After completing an initial assessment (intake), you will work directly with our skilled and professional treatment team members to develop a comprehensive treatment program that meets your specific needs and goals. Drug and alcohol addiction looks different for everyone. The symptoms you experience when drinking or using will inevitably differ from those of someone else. Therefore, individualized treatment plans are vital to achieving lasting sobriety and recovery. 

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we use a variety of therapies and programs that have proven to help our patients overcome addiction. We understand that maintaining lasting recovery is not a one-step process. For many, maintaining freedom from the mental and physical challenges of drug and alcohol use requires a long-term commitment to health and wellness. At our Utah IOP, we provide comprehensive aftercare planning and sober living programs to ensure you have access to the help you need (as long as you need it) after completing a primary treatment program. Our aftercare programs offer each of our program alumni support and guidance to manage and overcome the challenges they encounter as they continue their sobriety journey. 

Acknowledging a struggle with addiction is the first step towards a life free from drugs and alcohol. However, it is only the first step. The next step is contacting a member of our admissions team at our Utah IOP to learn more about our intensive outpatient program and how we can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. 


Why Do Our Clients Have to Say?

This is a One in a Million Treatment & Recovery Center.

They have the best team of staff and doctors on this planet. I am proud to say I am a recovering addict because of their amazing skills and treatment. They have changed my life completely and I could not have done it without them! Thank you for guiding me and paving the path for me to find my true self, and what I am capable of. You are all my family and friends.


Spirit Mountain Has Treated Me Like Family

They have very good staff and therapists. They cater to your experience so you have the best chance of success. They have helped me come to life-changing realizations and I feel confident in my recovery. If you are open-minded and willing then you’ve struck gold here.


Spirit Mountain is Special.

The brotherhood of good men that have come together through addiction and recovery has created a unique approach toward spiritual wellness and care. SMR has core values that are built on service to others and a candid approach to recovery that has a deep and lasting change on the men who desire true change and empower them to overcome the disease of addiction.


A Great Place to Renew Your Path in Life

Spirit Mountain Recovery has been such an amazing place to help those who are struggling with addiction. It’s in a gorgeous area with beautiful views. A great place to renew your path in life, if you’re struggling.


Spirit Mountain Saved My Life.

I was out of options and the men here picked me up and set me on a new path to a life I love today. The food was amazing! The beds were soft! The staff is amazing! It was completely customized to my needs.


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