Spirit Mountain Recovery’s 8 Bed Residence for Men in Eden, Utah, and Its Day and Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Men and Women in Roy, Utah, Remain Open During This COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Along with every American, we have been paying close attention these past few months to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it intensifies. At Spirit Mountain Recovery we place the personal safety of our clients and employees first and foremost in how we operate our Residential, Day and Intensive Outpatient Programs for Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders. We are well prepared to fight this new public health battle as well!

I would like to report that we have and will continue to closely monitor the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other Federal, State and Local public health agencies for updates on this pandemic. We have sought and continue to seek them out for guidance on how to maintain safe and effective places of operation during these troubled times.

Again, our smaller more intimate Day, Intensive Outpatient Programs in Roy, Utah, and our 8 Bed Residence for Men located in the beautiful and serene Ogden Mountain Valley 45 minutes east of Ogden, Utah, continue to be safe havens in which to recover. All our treatment facilities meet the new Federal standard just set by our President of not being places where more than 10 people gather.

From all of us at Spirit Mountain Recovery and Spirit Mountain Behavioral Health, we look forward to continuing to provide our clients the highest level of quality care and safety possible. Be safe and know that we are in this new public health battle together with you just like we have been in the past.

Sincerely, Chris Farni, General Manager