Common Myths About Bipolar Disorder

A man ponders treatment & the Myths about bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a relatively common mental health condition in the United States and is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that about 2.8% of adults have bipolar disorder. About 83% of those cases are severe. Bipolar disorder causes extreme emotional highs (mania) and depressive lows, […]

Stages of Drug Addiction

A woman and her therapist discuss the stages of drug addiction.

Addiction affects everyone differently. Some people begin using drugs early, slowly developing physical and psychological dependence over the course of years. Others develop an addiction rapidly over months or even weeks. Regardless of the length of time it takes to develop a diagnosable substance use disorder, there are four distinctive stages of drug addiction.  If […]

Why Most Drug Addiction Programs Do Not Work

neon sign reads "this is the sign you've been looking for"

Research statistics have shown that even after 6 weeks of inpatient treatment for alcohol and injected heroin addiction, that 90% of adult men will have relapsed within the first 12 months of their discharge. Often 50-60% of these relapses having occurred in the first 60-90 days from their release. It is then easy to reason […]

What You Should Know About How Alcohol Affects the Brain

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

It only takes one trip to a bar on the weekend to see that alcohol can significantly impact the brain. In some cases, it only takes a few drinks for someone to experience slurred speech, impaired judgment, difficulty walking and blurred vision. For the most part though, these side effects wear off shortly after the […]

Self-Care Tips for Those With Loved Ones Addicted to Drugs

Woman speaking with a therapist to help her recover from her loved one's addiction

Just as important as helping to secure residential, day or intensive outpatient drug treatment for your family member or significant other, you must also take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Drug and alcohol addiction is not only a horribly life threatening condition for those badly addicted, but it adversely affects everyone around them […]

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