Does Drug Rehab Work?

June 15, 2022 By Nick Sparrow In Addiction Treatment, Residential Treatment
Does drug rehab work?
Does drug rehab work? Is Drug and alcohol treatment effective? Is it really worth the time and money? First and foremost, the degree to which someone’s ability to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction is principally up to them. They will need the assistance of treatment professionals and signif...

Meditation and Yoga – Spiritual Keys to Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

September 20, 2021 By SMR In Addiction Treatment, Alcohol, Mental Health, Non-12 Step, Residential Treatment, Treatment Centers
Meditation, as we practice it at Spirit Mountain Recovery, is a mindfulness-based recovery regimen that focuses the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity without labeling it or judgment. Just accepting the present moment for what it is. Not lost in any one specific thought, or the past s...

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

January 23, 2019 By SMR In Residential Treatment
A New Approach to Inpatient Treatment At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we know that searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehabilitation programs can result in a lot of confusion as to which type of drug addiction and mental health treatment program to select and where you should send your ...

Drug Rehab & Treatment

January 16, 2019 By SMR In Residential Treatment
What is Residential Drug Treatment?
Addicts Get Help with Recovery People who experiment with street drugs like heroin, crack, and meth will most likely become addicted. The thought of using medication to help come off of an addiction might seem absurd to some. But prescriptions used to help addicts detox is now becoming evidence-base...
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