Benefits of Experiential and Adventure Therapy

Experiential and Adventure Therapy

Experiential and adventure therapy helps individuals learn that they can have fun while maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. Having fun in recovery helps to keep the individual on the right path, promoting healing. Individuals struggling with addiction have spent a lot of time isolating and neglecting their well-being. Getting out there and doing enjoyable […]

What is Outpatient Rehab?

People participate in group therapy during outpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab, commonly referred to as OP, is a less intensive level of care provided during substance abuse treatment. OP provides much needed and beneficial care for individuals needing and seeking help that fall into a category where less intensive care is needed. It provides the benefits of inpatients and allows the individual to maintain […]

Why Choose Spirit Mountain Recovery: Our Focus on Fun Recovery Activities

A couple enjoying addiction recovery activities in utah.

At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we firmly believe that recovery from addiction doesn’t have to be a dreary endeavor. We prioritize incorporating fun addiction recovery activities to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable healing process. Physical activities, specifically, have been shown to yield substantial benefits during recovery from substance use disorders. Let’s explore some of the fun-filled […]

What is Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment?

a man practicing yoga for holistic treatment for drug addiction.

For those in recovery, the fear of relapse never really goes away. Such fear is a legitimate concern since relapse for drug addiction is high. Studies show that 40% to 60% of individuals with drug addiction disorder relapse within 30 days of leaving treatment. That’s why, In the last decade, holistic treatment for drug addiction […]

How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab: 12 Tips for Success

A person learning how to convince someone to go to rehab.

Introducing a loved one to the idea of drug and alcohol rehab can be a challenging process filled with fear and uncertainty. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we understand the delicate nature of initiating these conversations and the critical role they play in the journey toward recovery. We believe that providing support, sharing knowledge, and expressing […]

3 Basic Reasons Why Recovery Is Worth Attempting

man experiences benefits of a drug-free lifestyle

There is no question about it — embracing the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle and committing to a life of recovery is challenging. However, any obstacles a person faces during early recovery pale compared to the opposition they face while battling active addiction. Addiction strips people of health, happiness, and fulfillment. The chronic medical condition […]

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