How to Find Luxury Mental Health Treatment Near Me

April 29, 2022 By Nick Sparrow In Mental Health
How to Find Luxury Mental Health Treatment Near Me
If you are struggling with a mental health problem, it can be next to impossible to know where to turn for help. Upscale mental health treatment at a luxury mental health center gives many people better benefits and more comprehensive long-term strategies than traditional outpatient care. What is Lu...

Meditation and Yoga – Spiritual Keys to Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

September 20, 2021 By SMR In Addiction Treatment, Alcohol, Mental Health, Non-12 Step, Residential Treatment, Treatment Centers
Meditation, as we practice it at Spirit Mountain Recovery, is a mindfulness-based recovery regimen that focuses the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity without labeling it or judgment. Just accepting the present moment for what it is. Not lost in any one specific thought, or the past s...

11 Negative Thoughts to Avoid in Recovery

April 13, 2019 By SMR In Addiction Treatment, Mental Health
How to Avoid Negative Thoughts
You’ve heard of “opposite attracts”, right? But when it comes to positive thinking, that statement really doesn’t hold up. Positive thoughts result in positive outcomes. But the same is also true for negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and negative feelings eventually turn into negative out...

Mental Health Disorders & Drug Relapse

February 06, 2019 By SMR In Mental Health
Untreated Mental Health Disorders Can Cause Addicts to Relapse The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) has estimated that drug addiction relapse rates could be as high as 60%. They say it is comparable to what occurs in treating other chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and asthma treatm...
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