The Connection Between Cocaine Use and Anxiety

woman has anxiety from excessive cocaine use

Cocaine, a powerful stimulant drug, is known not only for its euphoric and invigorating effects but also for the many psychological ramifications it brings to its users. Among these is the intricate connection between cocaine and anxiety disorders. While at first, the short-term effects of cocaine might seem like a temporary escape from worries or […]

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Use?

person holds out baggie of cocaine powder

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol are among the many substances people use to make themselves feel good or cope with life’s stressors. As one of the most potent stimulants in the world, cocaine is one of those substances. It’s not uncommon to get hooked after just one use. Although illegal, cocaine is still one of […]

Fast Facts: The Risks of Mixing Xanax and Cocaine

The Risks of Mixing Xanax and Cocaine

When it comes to drug abuse, it’s not uncommon for someone to try several kinds of drugs, sometimes simultaneously. As a loved one trying to understand your husband, father or son’s addiction, it can be difficult to understand why he’s abusing drugs. It can be even harder to fully grasp how his drugs of choice […]

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