Top 5 Unique Benefits of a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Why Men’s Only Addiction Treatment for My Loved One?

When it comes to helping your loved one find the right rehabilitation center, nothing is off limits. Your goal is to help find a solution, any solution, that will stick. Did you know that men’s only addiction treatment centers offer some unique advantages to traditional mixed-gender rehab options? Over the years, several studies have found […]

10 Sure Signs You Are Enabling Your Loved One’s Addiction

Signs I’ve Enabled My Loved One’s Addiction

Of course you want to help your loved one in need. You should! Families are built around trust, support and protection. But, when does helping cross the line into enabling? And, what does enabling really mean? To truly help someone with an addiction, you need to be willing to confront them with the difficult truth […]

Is Addiction a Disease? Understanding a New Way of Thinking

Is Addiction a Disease? A New Way of Thinking.

It has long since been accepted that addiction is a disease. Depending on the make-up of someone’s genetics, they are more or less likely to develop some type of addiction within their lifetime. And while this way of thinking may very well be true, it’s important to explore some of the new waves of thinking […]

Why Choose Spirit Mountain Recovery: Our Personalized Treatment

Why Spirit Mountain: Personalized Treatment

The traditional 12-step approach to recovery is not for everyone. While it is a highly effective method of treatment for some individuals, for others it doesn’t work at all. That’s simply because addiction is not a one-size-fits-all disease and recovery can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. At Spirit Mountain Recovery, we diversify our treatment methods to […]

6 Strategies to Help You and Your Loved One Stay Positive

How to Stay Positive During Addiction Recovery

Looking on the bright side. Viewing the glass half full instead of half empty. Mind over matter. We’ve all heard these sayings before and know the point is to be positive. But as someone who has had a first-row seat to addiction, you know positivity is easier said than done. Your loved one’s struggle with […]

Believe It or Not, Addiction Recovery Can Be Fun

How Addiction Recovery Can Be Fun

Addiction is no laughing matter. It’s wreaked havoc on your family and turned your loved one into somebody you no longer recognize. When you’re living in the fear and isolation caused by addiction, it can be extremely difficult to believe you and your family will ever experience joy again. But believe it or not, there […]

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