Just as important as helping to secure Residential, Day or Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment for your family member or loved one, you must also take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Drug and alcohol addiction is not only a horribly life threatening condition for those badly addicted, but it adversely affects everyone around them physically and emotionally as well. Likely no need in telling those of you reading this article that. Parents and significant others need help too in order to avoid being destroyed by the dysfunctional addiction of someone close to them. Following are the self-preservation actions we highly recommend Parents or Significant Others of someone struggling with addiction take for themselves:

  1. Set in place clearly defined personal boundaries you want your loved one to respect. Be firm in telling them that your support for them will be limited to arranging for and then helping them to get to a drug rehab facility to include funding what you can of this effort. That is it. You can make no other emotional or financial commitment other than that bottom line fact.
  2. Research residential treatment programs that feature evidence-based therapies along with assessing and treating co-occurring mental health issues so often associated with addiction. Also called Dual Diagnosis or Integrated Treatment. Programs that also supplement this high level of medical and clinical treatment with a variety of experiential recovery regimens.
  3. Seek out an Interventionist. This professional can get the pressure off you and moving things in the right direction where the focus is on initiating a program of recovery for your loved one.
  4. Get yourself some outside support. Get your own personal counseling to help you through a recovery process for yourself. Also, engage with others struggling with the same issues in regards to addiction as you. Organizations like Al Anon and Alateen for adolescent siblings are excellent resources. Addiction is a family issue. Everyone needs help.

In sum, addiction isn’t anything like the ordinary bad or good behaviors that parents deal with over the years. Addiction is a serious and progressive condition. You can’t enable your son into recovery from addiction. You also can’t force them into treatment as that often doesn’t work. Let go of trying to force outcomes and focus on the singular thing you will support – your loved one getting immediate treatment for their addiction that is destroying them and you. Again, be assertive as to letting your loved one know they need treatment and that is the only thing you will support. That recovery in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah with Spirit Mountain Recovery is a remarkable, fun and effective place to begin your new life free of a substance addiction. Call us at 801-336-0658 for a confidential discussion of how we may help you!