Who’s the right fit for our Addiction Treatment Program?

The following are the criteria we use to find the ideal candidate for our addiction treatment program:

  • We accept males 18 years of age an older.
  • We are a male-only program. However, we do prefer referrals for female-only program.
  • Our treatment is for Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, and other Substance Use Disorders.
  • Upon intake, a history and physical examination will be completed by a medical personal.
  • Any known mental or emotional conditions should be stabilized as much as possible before attending our program. We will need to make sure that nothing will prevent an individual’s participation in order to provide effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • We are an active program full of indoor and outdoor activities. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs require an individual to engage in all activities to the best of their ability.
  • We support all religious and spiritual approaches to life and addiction treatment. It is important that our clients respect one another’s unique approach to spiritual matters.
  • Let us know if you’ve attended an addiction treatment program before. This will help us know how to best continue your journey in recovery.

If you have any questions regarding if you or a loved one is a good fit for our program, please give us a call at (844) 800-4796.