Recovery of Mind, Body & Spirit

Comprehensive healing & Recovery Program

Recovery of Body, Mind, Spirit

At Spirit Mountain Recovery we focus our Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program and Recovery Regimens on healing the Body, Mind and Spirit of the adult men we treat. All three of these areas of focus are of equal importance in recovery from a substance addiction.
Healing the Body from Addiction

Recovery of the Body

As we only treat adult men currently, we have found that by quickly engaging them in exercise they begin to feel better about themselves almost immediately. Healthy endorphin rushes from exercise energizes their bodies and mental attitude. A new, positive self-image starts to replace the old negative view they had of themselves during their drug use.

Access to a multitude of different opportunities to exercise is a hallmark of the Spirit Mountain Program. Our 10-bed treatment residence being located on the side of a mountain in a beautiful valley of northern Utah greatly enhances access to outdoor activities.

Whether it be exercising in the fully tricked out gym in our residence, or at the resort near our treatment facility of which we are members, access to lifting weights, rowing, jogging on the treadmill or elliptical bikes, is readily available at any hour of the day. There is also a 20 foot by 10-foot CalSpa© Swim Spa and hot tub available for use at the residence as well.

Following are some of the outdoor activities in which our clients engage – pickleball, golf, paddle boarding, hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, a ropes course, and nightly campfires. Plenty of opportunity to commune with the healing powers of nature. We also have a 24 x 40-foot deck and gazebo which also makes experiencing and living in the mountains an amazing thing.

Our clients also receive two two hour sessions of mindfulness and trauma-focused yoga instruction each week by a Yoga Certified Instructor.

Also as an added luxury Spirit Mountain Recovery has its own Executive Chef who prepares all meals. He also teaches classes on nutrition and cooking skills. Exceptional food and beverage accommodations are key to good health.

Your Mental Health Matters

Recovery of the Mind

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s well-seasoned medical and clinical professionals bring a unique personal perspective to our client’s recovery. They are also qualified to treat, to the extent possible, co-occurring mental health issues which might have triggered an individual’s relapsing.

During the week, each client receives 2 hours of individual therapy and 20 hours of clinical group work. This is an unprecedented amount of evidence-based professional therapy compared to other treatment centers. Treatment modalities include Medication Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family Counseling and Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar-oriented counseling as well.

Supplementing this extremely comprehensive medical and clinical therapy is Spirit Mountain Recovery’s esteemed Peer Staff. Recovered from severe substance addictions from a year to seven years, our peer staff are uniquely qualified to relate to any addict at any level at any place in their recovery journey.

Our clients also receive an hour of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy from EAGALA Certified, LCSW credentialed therapists each week.

A personal journey to wellness

Recovery of the Spirit

Recovery of the Spirit is often the least addressed area in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders at other treatment centers as it can be a contentious and stigmatic subject. We embrace the concept of Recovery of Spirit as it is often the key component necessary in sustaining long-term sobriety. Our approach to spirituality is to assist our clients in discovering who they truly are at a deeper level than they have previously known.

Where clients learn how to love themselves again and to better care for others. A new state-of-being where their ability to make better decisions is greatly enhanced and they experience an amazing peace-of-mind previously unknown to them outside of their drug use.

Spirit Mountain Recovery is non-denominational and accommodates those wishing to attend weekly church services.

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We work with most major insurance insurance providers to help cover the costs associated with treatment at Spirit Mountain Recovery.

We are also in-network with the following providers including Cigna, TRICARE, and First Health Network.

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