Spirit Mountain Recovery features seasoned treatment staff. You will get daily access to your own personal Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist, Licensed Social Worker, Nurse, Dietician, Personal Trainer, Peer Support Specialist, and a bunch of life long relationships. We have everything you need to guide you through your transformation!

todd soutor

Todd Soutor, Ph.D, Psycologist | Clinical Director

B.A., Psychology, Dartmouth College;  Ph.D., Psychology, Utah State University, and Dartmouth College.

Dr. Soutor, while in private practice has performed a variety of assignments in psychological testing, psychological assessment, and counseling.  Dr. Soutor has served as the Director of Intensive Services for Davis Behavioral Health Care to include oversight of the Residential Crisis Response Unit and Jail Based Mental Health Services.  Dr. Soutor is a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Certified Trainer-Examiner and a member of the Executive Leadership Team for the State of Utah.

Dr. Jeffery A. David, DO, Medical Director

B.A., Southern Utah University; PharmD, Midwestern University; D.O., Midwestern University.

Dr. David was raised in rural Utah. He spent 2 years living overseas in Finland and thereafter completed his undergraduate work at Southern Utah University. He then graduated from Pharmacy School at Midwestern University in 2009 and worked as a Pharmacist for 3 years before returning to Midwestern University to become a Physician. He graduated from Medical School in 2016 and thereafter completed his Medical Residency in Family Medicine at McKay Dee Hospital in 2019. Dr. David is passionate about treating those individuals struggling with substance addictions by helping them regain their physical and mental health capacities so critical to sustained long-term recovery.

Clint Thurgood, LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

B.A., Social Work, Weber State University; MSW, University of Utah

Clint’s background is with dual-diagnosis as well as individual and family consulting. His experience comes from working with clients in acute hospitalization settings being treated for substance abuse and mental disorders.

Melissa Roundy, RN, MSN | Full-Time Nurse and Case Manager

B.Sc. Nursing; M.Sc. Nursing Administration Degrees from Weber State University

Born and raised in Utah, Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing Administration Degrees from Weber State University. She has over 15 years of extensive experience in the field of mental illness and substance abuse to include extended assignments in the Emergency Department of a large regional hospital and from performing forensic case work for a significantly sized County in Utah. Melissa is a member of American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the International Forensic Nurses Association.

A man with a beard headshot

Matthew Farni, CPSS | Lead Peer Support Specialist

Lincoln College of Technology, Colorado. Studies in Automotive & Truck Technologies. State of Utah, Certified Peer Support Specialist

Having experienced a lifetime of lessons learned the hard way from struggling badly with alcohol and drug addiction, Matt let go and turned himself over to a power greater than himself for guidance and direction. Through this process, he has now been sober for nearly 4 years now. Working diligently each day to live a life of humility, gratitude, and spirituality, Matt has a keen desire to help others in finding the tools necessary for their sustained recovery.

A man with glasses headshot

Chris Farni, BA, MBA | President, General Manager

B.A., Economics, University of Minnesota;  M.B.A., University of Dallas;  CPA/CVA, State of Minnesota; US Army, Captain, Finance Corp and Adjunct Professor of Accounting, University of Maryland, European Extension Division.

Chris brings a business operations and financial management skills background. A entrepreneur by heart, he has over 40 years of experience. He has experience and knowledge in all aspects of substance use disorder.

Chris Farni and his son Matt

A Letter From A Father

“My 30-year-old son Matt and I, as a single Dad, have lived with and around every ugly, sad, chaotic, illogical, sometimes morbidly humorous, heart-breaking and dysfunctional aspect of drug and alcohol addiction for years. We lived it, survived it and Matt has now since recovered for nearly 4 years. We learned the hard way, from ground zero, what drug addiction was about and then, most importantly, the most effective way to recover from it. Armed with this hard-earned knowledge of drug addiction and recovery, we then dedicated ourselves to helping others rebuild their lives by starting Spirit Mountain Recovery literally from the ground up. It’s our passion and our mission now to carry a message of hope.”

~ Chris Farni