Where Hope and Healing Begins

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s purposefully smaller 8 Bed residential treatment center is located on the valley side of a mountain in Eden, Utah. It is becoming widely known not only for its totally unique and comprehensive evidence-based program of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, but also to the extent possible, for its treatment of many co-occurring mental health disorders being as well. 

With an industry leading client to professional staff ratio of 2:1, Spirit Mountain Recovery’s esteemed medical, psychiatric, clinical, and highly compassionate, empathic recovered peer support staff, deliver an extraordinarily high level of personalized care to every client. Spirit Mountain’s residential treatment program is for adult men only. It’s outpatient program is for adult men and women.

Also unique to Spirit Mountain Recovery is its full-time Chef who assures that all clients will have the highest level of food and beverage service possible while in residence. The Chef also teaches nutrition and cooking skills which helps clients to be more self-sufficient upon leaving Spirit Mountain’s primary program.

Our Mission

Our principal mission at Spirit Mountain Recovery is to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of drug and alcohol addictions and to the extent possible any co-occurring mental health disorders that appear to be acerbating or triggering a client’s dysfunctional behavior. The resultant medical, clinical, and unique experiential treatment programs are recovery regimens that we craft for each client are focused on their specific needs and performed to the greatest extent possible outdoors in nature.

Integrated Treatment Program

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Integrated Treatment Programs feature a unique combination of evidence-based clinical treatment, psychoeducation, nature-based experiential activities and family therapy.

Nature-Based Healing

Spirit Mountain Recovery does much of its recovery work out in the wilderness as we have found it to be the most recuperative environment in which to immerse our clients. The pure spacious and awe-inspiring beauty of being in and around mountains and flowing water is transformative. It helps center clients and focus their attention on the now, this moment.

Recovered Peer Staff

Spirit Mountain Recovery’s professional peer staff have lived with or around the chaos and devastation caused by untreated addiction. But, through hard work and perseverance, they were able to find the keys to sustained sobriety where they now experience peace and joy on a level they never felt possible. Their life’s passion now is to help others who struggle like they once did.