Located in the Beautiful Wasatch Mountains

Life in Northern Utah

This area of the mountains is 60 miles northest of Salt Lake City. It is one of the most beautiful and serene places in Utah.  Begin life again in this quiet, serene and secluded place.

kjtchen at spirit mountain

A Menu Designed by Our Nutritionist

Our Chef serves nutritious meals, invigorating beverages and healthy snacks as designed by our Nutritionist. Served in a family-style setting that encouranges openness. Reestablishing healthy eating habits and getting your body back to a stable weight is a priority in early recovery.

a bedroom

Recovering an Upscale Luxury Residence on the Side of a Mountain

We believe in having a great nights sleep in a comfortable home-style setting is a baseline function for recovery. Come enjoy our Cal Spas Commander Swim Spa and In-Residence Gym. You will also not believe how clear you will be able to see the moons of Jupiter and the rigns of Mars looking through our own telescope.



Revel in chauffeured rides to and from appointments. Build a sober life with safety and security as top priority. Feel secure in your ability to share and connect with staff. We do everything possible to ensure you feel at home.

rocks and open field

A Variety of Outdoor Activities

Nothing like a peaceful and serene mountain valley location. Come check it out what it means to breath fresh air and exercize in the great outdoors! Just a few hours away from 7 National and State of Utah Parks. We spend all the time we can in the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, golf and other outdoor activities has very recuperative effect on men in recovery.

A Focus on Funcovery

Camping, hiking, golfing, bowling, big screen TVs, ping-pong, and other fun activities. We believe a big part of recovery from addiction is getting reintroduced to exciting, fun times. We make this possible by providing a variety of opportunities for our clients to relax, kick back, and experience what a sober life can be like. That there is fun in recovery.

Swim Spa

So big you can swim in it! Swim spas are a wonderful fitness and leisure item. Luxurious in nature, it is loved due to its convenience and ability to promote overall wellness. Because of this, many are realizing the benefits of swim spas. Not only is it compact, but it provides an endless current to swim against for competition, fitness or even relaxation purposes.

So, come join us!  Let us help you get back to a better place in your life.  You’re going to enjoy your awesome new accommodations and lifestyle far away from all the past drama. Take in the serene mountain vistas, exercize in a variety of ways, breathe in the clean valley air and bask in the rejuvinating sunshine of Utah.  Let’s get started today on your recovery!